KorWeb Ticket Management

KorWeb is a web-based One Call ticket management system created to increase efficiency in locating and ticket processing, while cutting costs by eliminating unnecessary manual processes.

KorWeb is used by contract locators, One Call Centers, utilities, municipalities and pipeline companies to protect underground facilities, prevent service interruptions and allow excavators and homeowners to dig safely.

KorWebApp2123Introducing the newest version of KorWeb!

The newest version of KorWeb includes extensive new features and a fresh look and feel designed to make it easier to use than ever before! Click here to learn more.

To increase the mobile capabilities of KorWeb, KorTerra has unveiled the KorWeb App! The KorWeb App is a powerful mobile application developed to streamline ticket processing, allowing users to complete their work on a mobile device in the field. Coming soon! Click here to learn more. 

KorWeb Features

Below is a listing of the KorWeb’s features, built utilizing KorTerra’s extensive knowledge of the damage prevention industry, and a description of the specific value they will bring to your company. KorTerra also provides a set of additional applications that can be implemented into KorWeb to manage Positive Response, view facility maps and incorporate a wireless mobile solution.

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Dashboard Screenshot2Dashboards
My Dashboard and System Dashboard were developed specifically with the user in mind, enhancing individual and operational ticket management. Various interactive widgets are available to customize the user environment which provides users with quick access to active and completed tickets.

Ticket Mapping
A ticket map pinpoints all locates by their latitude and longitude and displays them on an electronic street map. A locator is able to map out their whole day, and know the best route to take from each dig site, by utilizing this mapping technology. The map is continuously updated through a wireless internet connection, which allows the locator to retrieve new locate tickets. New pinpoints are automatically added to the ticket map as new locate tickets are assigned. In addition to ticket mapping, Facility Mapping is also available to electronically view your company’s underground assets, which aids in routing locates, onsite locating and clearing tickets.

Paperless Benefits
There are many time saving technologies that can be utilized through an electronic One Call ticket management system that paper locate ticket processing cannot perform. Locate ticket searching, reporting, auditing, automated Positive Response, ticket and facility mapping, due date tracking and mobile ticket processing technology each save a considerable amount of time and resources. Fax, printer and paper costs are all eliminated by using an electronic system. Locate ticket reception reliability is also increased by using electronic transmission methods such as FTP or email.

Web-Based Access
Since KorWeb is a web-based locate ticket management system, it is accessible wherever there is an internet connection available. All locate ticket information is updated through the internet in real-time, so every KorWeb user always has the latest information available. The web-based system utilizes a centralized database maintained by KorTerra, which eliminates the need for clients to execute uploads or downloads. Any changes or upgrades to the system are performed automatically by KorTerra.

Automated Ticket Routing and DispatchingMap Based Routing4
KorWeb can greatly reduce or even eliminate manual processes previously required to route and dispatch utility locate tickets. The system can sort and distribute locate tickets based on predefined rules provided by the KorWeb client. Such rules could include sorting locate tickets by geographic area (e.g. latitude and longitude), township or CDC code. When a locate ticket is received by KorWeb, the system knows who to send it to and automatically dispatches that locate ticket, with no manual processes involved whatsoever.

Automated Emergency Notification
KorWeb automatically emails, pages, or sends a text message to users to alert them of emergency locate tickets. When KorWeb receives the emergency locate ticket, a notification is immediately dispatched by the system without any manual process involved. Notification can be sent to multiple people and the system can differentiate which people to send to based on the time of day. For example, there might be a different person or group of people contacted after 5:00 PM than would be contacted during the day.

KorWeb ticket management offers a variety of standard reports to help you track your locate ticket data in an easy to read format. These reports can be run at any time at the user’s convenience and can also be scheduled to run automatically at the same time and day. A few popular reports are:

  • Audit Discrepancy Report
  • Completion Detail and Summary Reports
  • Latest by Member Code
  • Late Ticket Reports
  • One Call Audit Report
  • Tickets Received Report
  • Ticket Detail Report

Custom Reports
In addition to the ticket management reports available to every KorWeb user, the users can also create custom reports to access their own specialized reports. These reports can be created based on the business intelligence needs of the customer and generated at any time needed.

  • Ticket Priorities
  • Ticket Counts
  • Top Performers
  • Completed/NLR
  • Year Comparable

Ticket Graph
The Ticket Graph is located at the top of each KorWeb screen to provide a quick snapshot of open tickets in KorWeb. The ticket graph displays New tickets, Assigned tickets, Past Due tickets and tickets received Today. In each of those categories, the number of Emergency, Meet, Routine and Project tickets are displayed. Each bar on the graph is clickable and will retrieve the tickets shown in the bar graph filter. The ticket graph is customizable for each user. Many users apply the criteria filter to display only their ticket load, instead of all tickets received for their company. This provides the user a quick way to view and access the tickets for which they are responsible.

KorTerra runs a daily audit of locate tickets received, missing locate tickets and unexpected tickets for all KorWeb users. If a user would like to receive this complimentary report, they simply let KorTerra know, and we email a daily PDF listing any ticket discrepancies found specifically within their organization.

Quick Setup and Implementation
KorWeb system setup is extremely quick! New KorWeb clients are typically up and running within hours of submitting an implementation request. KorWeb is easy to rollout to an organization’s users because everyone has access to the new site through the internet, eliminating the installation step on each user’s computer. KorWeb’s intuitive layout allows the user to quickly learn to navigate the system. Should an organization want to enhance employee skill level in any of KorWeb’s applications, a variety of training seminars are available from KorTerra.


Cost Effective Software
KorWeb software is among the most cost effective underground utility locate software available because it is a web-based system. There is no software or hardware to purchase or upgrade, no annual support fees, no upfront fees for ticket management products and you only pay for the locate tickets you receive. New versions of KorWeb or version updates are automatically provided by KorTerra at no cost, and newer versions of the system never have to be purchased. Advanced features can be purchased to further enhance your KorWeb software.

Electronic Ticket History and Ticket Searching 
KorWeb ticket management saves and archives all locate tickets electronically, leaving you with a 100% accurate record of all locate tickets completed. Locate tickets are easily searched for in either the Production Database, which is for eighteen month ticket information storage, or the Archive Database, which stores locate tickets for the long term. Your data is never lost or erased, making the system much more reliable and easy to search than a paper locate ticket tracking system.

Our team of support experts is ready to assist you the instant you have a question about KorWeb. Support requests are addressed the moment they arrive, with a member of our support team walking you through every step necessary to resolve your issue. KorWeb clients have given us rave reviews on our client support – click here to read a few of their insights about KorTerra’s support services.

Secure Hosting
The KorWeb system is hosted in a highly secure, fully redundant Tier 3 data center. The data center is staffed and monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to the on-site staffing, there are a number of system monitors in place which constantly monitor the performance of the KorWeb software and hardware environment. If any process is performing below our high standards, the system notifies our staff of the issue. This allows us to correct the potential trouble condition before it can become a problem. KorTerra performs nightly system backups, rotates backups off-site and maintains redundant server hardware, network equipment and power systems to ensure maximum uptime. All communications between KorWeb and your One Call Center are monitored to ensure data exchange is always at peak performance. For further hosting details click here.

Additional Applications

KorTerra provides additional applications that can be added to your base KorWeb account. These in-depth programs provide even further cost savings and efficiencies for your organization. Click on the links below to view a complete description of each application.

Attachments: Provides KorWeb users the ability to upload and attach pictures, videos or other documents directly to a locate ticket. Record all locate evidence electronically and prove, without a doubt, a locate was accurately performed. Each organization that utilizes the attachments feature receives a certain amount of space for their company’s attached documents. To help manage the size of their attachments, a storage space gauge has been added to monitor the amount of allotted gigabyte space used, as well as send a notification when the space is nearing capacity.

Custom Completion Screen: The completion screen is an ideal place for companies to customize the information they collect for each ticket, as all users must fill out this page when completing a ticket. Users can tailor the information collected to fit their specific damage prevention process. All of this data is stored in one centralized location for easy reporting.

ESRI Integration: KorTerra’s One Call ticket management systems integrate with ESRI (or any other GIS mapping platform) to create a facility map that pinpoints your company’s underground assets in relation to dig sites or One Call Center dig boxes. Integrating GIS data with One Call ticket management and locating processes is a great way to further leverage your ESRI investment and save your organization time and locating dollars.

Facility Mapping: KorWeb’s Facility Mapping improves locate efficiency by reducing the number of locates required. A company’s facilities are placed on an electronic map and can be viewed relative to any dig site.

Map Based Routing: Map-Based Routing provides users the functionality to draw their own polygons for routing purposes. With Map-Based Routing, users have unlimited routing options and a flexible way to balance the locating workload.

Mobile Client: Allows a locator to continue working in the field with or without an internet connection. KorTerra Mobile also provides managers a great way to monitor productivity with access to a real-time view of their dispatcher’s and locator’s work.

Mobile KorWeb: Mobile KorWeb is a mobile optimized website which allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to access KorWeb. This mobile site is streamlined to be an extension of KorWeb in the field, providing flexibility and mobility in managing tickets.

Positive Response: Automatically manages the Positive Response Process. When a ticket is completed in KorWeb, the system will also forward the locate status information to the corresponding Positive Response system. No secondary action is required of users. Positive Response messages can be sent to both the One Call Center and/or the excavator who opened the ticket.

Region District Security: Region District Security is a feature in KorWeb which can be enabled to maintain better control or visibility of a user environment. Regions, Districts and Mobiles are used to receive and filter tickets. When Region District Security is applied, users can only see the Regions, Districts or Mobiles to which they are given access.

Response Management: This feature tracks any Positive Response that you send whether it is to the one call center or excavator, ensuring they have been sent. New enhancements within the response management feature allow for users to better determine the causes of a failed response along with providing users an easy way to resend these responses with a simple click of a button.

Sketching: This feature allows users to highlight or mark certain areas on an attached picture or map. This feature enables users to draw shapes, text, and custom drawings on any picture or map within a ticket. Sketching allows users to enhance pictures with their very own custom reasoning. These sketching capabilities are a great way to provide Excavators with details regarding underground assets, improving safety and decreasing damages. KorWeb allows users to use and store these sketches in the cloud, ensuring they are easily retrieved and never lost.

Ticket Splitting: A service which allows multiple departments to receive and work tickets separately. When all departments complete their separate locates, the system can then merge the copies into a single Positive Response back to a One Call Center and/or excavator.

Utility to Contractor Interface: A Utility to Contract Locator Interface allows utilities to take control of the ticket data they send to contract locators. Instead of a contract locator receiving a utility company’s tickets directly from a One Call Center, the tickets can be sent to KorWeb and either reviewed or automatically forwarded to a contract locator. Utility companies can then screen for tickets that may not need to be located, reducing overall locate time and cost. Once the ticket is complete, a two way interface allows the contract locator to send the completion information back to the utility company, giving them a full record of all tickets sent and completed. With a two way interface, Positive Response can also be automatically sent using the contract locator's completion information.

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