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About Us

KorTerra Staff

KorTerra's mission is to create innovative technology solutions for the Damage Prevention Industry that offer maximum value to our clients backed by expert, highly responsive support.

In 1990, KorTerra pioneered the mobile field workforce management system for the damage prevention industry. KorTerra developed a first-of-its-kind program with capabilities to send and receive One Call tickets electronically, which greatly increased productivity over paper tickets.

Today, KorTerra works with pipeline companies, utilities, municipalities, contract locators, and One Call Centers to offer workforce management tools that provide robust analyses that increase efficiencies and streamline operations. We continue to collaborate directly with the damage prevention industry to build a framework of forward thinking, industry-wide knowledge and best practices that few others possess.

With a growing customer base and quickly evolving technology, KorTerra continues to expand the capabilities we offer to industry professionals:

  • KorWeb – A highly customizable, 100% web-based One Call Ticket Management system that eliminates the need for software installation and expedites the delivery of new features and enhancements to the user.
  • KorExcavator – The first workforce management tool designed for excavators.
  • Incident Manager – A tool for both facility operators and excavators to track damages and other unplanned incidents.
  • KorInsight  – A damage reporting tool that provides statewide regulatory oversight while interfacing with the Common Ground Alliance’s DIRT system.
  • zSite – Technology that gives both facility operators and excavators the ability to document points of interest from above the site using an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) .

Our core tenant is to serve the customer and we pride ourselves on delivering the best support in the industry. Our product evolution is based heavily on customer feedback, which is reflected by frequent upgrades. Whether our customer is a Fortune 500 enterprise or a quaint town in Northern Minnesota, you can expect the same renowned care and attention given to everyone. EVERY client is our ONLY client.

KorTerra will remain a trusted leader in damage prevention software because we base our evolution on leading-edge technology, customer feedback, and active participation in the industry. We look beyond solutions for today and capitalize on the opportunities of tomorrow.

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