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Automated Action Workflows

 Automated Action Workflows

Instantly trigger various actions such as sending emails and texts, placing web service calls, etc. to notify groups within your organization or create work orders in external systems. Based on information your locator or screener provides when performing a locate, KorWeb will automatically perform any of these actions you have configured. This is especially powerful when coupled with our Custom Completion Screen that allows you to gather, track, and report on company-specific information in the field.


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  • Flexible, highly-configurable interfaceFlexible, highly-configurable interface
  • External system integrations
  • Customized templating
  • Configurable completion screen
  • Data storage for auditing purposes


  • Connect to the work site in real time
  • Increase safety with high-consequence locate alerts and turnback
  • Seamlessly integrate various workflows
  • Auto-alert to specified groups
  • Send locate details with the positive response to the excavator

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