Enable Midstream Partners

KorTerra Advantage: Locate Management, Risk Management, Productivity Management

Enable Midstream Partners (Enable) was formed as a joint venture by affiliates of CenterPoint Energy, OGE Energy Corp, and ArcLight Capital Partners. Enable owns, operates, and develops strategically located natural gas and crude oil infrastructure assets serving major producing basins and markets. Enable personnel manage and operate a combined 14,000 miles of gathering pipeline, 10,100 miles of interstate and intrastate pipeline, and 84.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas storage capacity.


Combining an extensive number of assets across several states proved to be an intricate process. One of the greatest challenges was ensuring all members throughout 11 states were on the same page for recording and auditing purposes and procedures. The expansive nature of Enable’s resources presented a need for consistency and streamlined processes.  


  • Enable’s KorTerra account is customized to fulfill the needs of each region they operate within.    
  • Tickets from varying states, that differed in format and required data, were made uniform in KorTerra. This improved the overall readability, allowing dispatchers and locators to quickly assess tickets from any state in one universal format.  
  • Automated Positive Response to both call center and excavators safeguarded compliance and strengthens Enable’s audit trail.
  • Enable’s tailored Public Awareness tool allowed locators to document public interaction regarding educating the public about the importance of calling 811 before digging. Sorting and searching capabilities within the feature helped Enable trace, report, and export public awareness efforts. As a result, Enable is could quickly and easily demonstrate compliance.  

Win #1 
Cohesive processes and procedures throughout 11 states

Win #2 
Quick recording and exporting of public awareness efforts

Win #3
Elevated reporting capabilities and a strengthened audit trail


As a result of their implementation of KorTerra, Enable Midstream Partners has experienced the full benefits of established uniformity and streamlined processes throughout their organization. The flexibility of KorTerra allows for separate regions of Enable Midstream Partners to be configured specifically to fulfill the needs of each, while continually ensuring that all members of the organization are operating in unity.

“KorTerra’s software fulfills the varied needs of our distinct regions because it is so customizable and configurable. Both the KorTerra mobile app and desktop version are approachable and well-thought-out, and I can’t say enough about KorTerra’s customer support.”
– Cecilia Stewart, Damage Prevention Program Manager, Enable Midstream Partners