Georgia Power Case Study

Client Situation

Georgia Power is the largest of five electric utilities that make up the Southern Company. It is an investor-owned, tax-paying utility that serves customers in 57,000 of the state's 59,000 square miles. The company's two million customers are in all but six of Georgia's 159 counties. They have nearly 8,800 employees throughout the state, of which 50 employees are Locators. They perform locates through a combination of in-house and contractor locators. Georgia Power receives almost one million locate requests annually. Of those, 650,000 were located in-house with the balance of locates contracted out.

Prior to the KorTerra solution, Georgia Power had a complicated dispatch process that was very paper intensive. They were manually performing all ticket completion and manually performing positive response. They had virtually no measurement tools to see how efficient they were but knew that their Locators were not locating at optimum levels, due to the amount of drive time required to and from office to pick up their daily tickets. They also were using paper maps, which in the field were cumbersome, easily damaged and expensive. Because of this, the paper maps were not utilized as much as they should have been.


With the KorTerra Product Suite installed, Georgia Power now receives all their tickets electronically and is able to dispatch tickets wirelessly in real-time to locators in the field. This not only eliminates wasted drive time the locators had driving to and from the office to pick up each day’s paper tickets, but also allows them to have more time to work on their tickets. Before KorTerra, locators were picking up tickets that were already sitting in the office for up to 24 hours, leaving them only 24 hours to perform the locate. Now, they receive the tickets in real-time allowing them the full 48 hours to complete the ticket. Locators are also able to easily complete the tickets electronically on laptops which then triggers automatic electronic Positive Response.  

Georgia Power also installed the ability to view electronic maps though KorTerra using an interface to MapFrame. The interface allows locators to go directly to a desired facility map without changing applications; at the "click of a button" they can pull up the facility map to aid in their locating.


As a result of the KorTerra software, Georgia Power has noticed sizable increases in their dispatch and locator productivity. They are able to measure efficiencies and report tracking data through KorTerra’s reporting functions. Their offices have eliminated the costs and inconveniences associated with the paper tickets and paper processes. They have also virtually eliminated the fees they incurred for late positive response. Data is quickly and easily retrievable for management processing. With more time being given to the locators to locate tickets combined with easy access to electronic maps, Georgia Power has reported more accurate locating with the KorTerra solution.

Georgia Power is extremely impressed with the positive impact KorTerra has brought to their organization and they are reaping the benefits of running a proficient operation.

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