Enhanced Ticket Screening

Enhanced Ticket Screening

Save significant time, minimize labor, and track your process with KorWeb’s Enhanced Ticket Screening capabilities. This sophisticated feature allows you to instantly view the data you need for quick reference: work-queues, widgets, maps, ticket detail, all on a single screen. You can also control how screeners access the queue and track how long it takes them to screen individual tickets. Experience substantial efficiencies by improving your screening outcomes and reducing the volume of tickets that require manual review.

Save money with defined rules

Based on advanced rules you define, you can maximize efficiency by implementing the automated evaluation functionality to review 100% of tickets for auto-conflict/auto-clear.

Get faster dig site interpretations

High-quality base maps (including satellite imagery) make quick work of interpreting the excavator’s dig site description.

Shield your assets

Overlay your facility maps to get real-time updates that allow screeners to accurately and quickly understand how the excavation identified physically relates to your underground assets.

Consider all factors

Display your facility attributes such as facility type, material, and size to determine the risk and potential procedures to be followed when excavation is being performed near specific facility types.

Level the playing field

Maintain balance between screeners when evaluating their manual clear/conflict rates. By controlling the screening environment, you can stabilize staff workload.

Achieve peak performance

Capture your team’s screening activity data with amplified reporting. Drill-down into specific metrics and view exact statistics to make the best use of your resources.