Facility Mapping

Facility Mapping feature screenshotFacility Mapping

Provide crucial asset information to your field technicians. With Facility Mapping, KorTerra can host or we can integrate your company’s GIS map data within the KorWeb interface. Immediately compare your One Call ticket notification area to your underground assets and access the map from any device through a single application. KorWeb also captures data instantaneously, providing real-time information for your screeners and locators. Dispatchers get accurate information to better screen tickets and your locators will see all your facilities as they relate to the One Call Center notification area. Facility Mapping also has the flexibility to integrate with any GIS platform, like ESRI, to merge all the information you need onto one map.


Product Sheet



  • Shapefiles/Web Map Service (WMS)
  • View attribute data
  • Map annotations
  • Zoom to address and latitude/longitude
  • GPS integration to show locator location



  • Provides real-time data for all the maps integrated on the platform
  • Displays all of the asset and location information you need on one screen
  • Includes functioning address zoom, latitude/longitude zoom, and measuring tool
  • Identifies how the One Call notification area relates to your underground assets
  • Allows annotations, globally visible to the customer as a separate layer, that increase screening and locating efficiency
  • Offers tools to identify facility attributes through the mapping view and can link back to the GIS platform to view additional facility data

Streamline your workflow with maps that include your facility data, accessible wherever you are.