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KorTerra damage prevention software suite

Ticket Splitting, one Call Ticket managementTicket Splitting

When you need more than one person or department to respond to a One Call ticket, you need separate tickets for each locator. Duplicate tickets cost extra, and they can be a challenge to manage. KorTerra’s Ticket Splitting will create tickets within the software system for each relevant department. Each ticket is autonomous, allowing employees to complete work separately from the other ticket responders. When all the departments have completed their individual locates, the system merges the copies into a single Positive Response back to One Call Center.

Ticket Splitting also benefits those situations when identical tickets are distributed to two people in overlapping zones, but only one response is needed. The locators can determine who will take it, and only one ticket needs to be completed. This tool lets you distribute tickets in a succinct manner without wasting extra costs or resources.


  • Split one locate ticket between multiple departments
  • Respond to each department ticket
  • Send all positive responses at once
  • Enables you to reduce costs internally and externally

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