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map based routing desktop transparentAutomated Ticket Routing and Dispatching

Create a visual approach to your workload and generate cost-saving efficiencies by drawing your own polygons. Automated Ticket Routing and Dispatching is the ultimate tool to efficiently route and dispatch your tickets. It surpasses the traditional method of data-routed tickets with its additional capability of organizing tickets by geography. Map-Based Routing gives users the ability to draw their own polygons on a map to designate where tickets should flow. This provides a routing option that leverages a visual approach to their workload and creates efficiencies that result in costs savings. Reporting and analytics are available for individual and multiple ticket flow areas.

The polygons automate your process for more efficient ticket routing and distinguishes between internal and external locates. You’ll get real-time ticket information for each area, allowing you to quickly update your action plans and protect your facilities. This is a great way for medium to large companies to maintain their boundaries geographically.

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  • Intuitive map-based interface
  • Ability to upload existing shapefiles with ticket flow areas into KorWeb
  • Auto-route tickets to the best mobile
  • Define separate locate areas for multiple locators
  • Analyze statistics per ticket flow area (e.g. number of marked vs. cleared locates)


  • Improve efficiency by automatically routing tickets to the best mobile in the field
  • Minimize manual ticket dispatching
  • Receive real-time ticket information for each polygon to quickly update your action plans
  • Protect high profile facilities 
  • Numerous options for reporting and analytics maximize your ability to balance workload quickly and easily