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The reporting functions exemplify how KorWeb is a complete business intelligence hub for One Call ticket management activities. The basic system includes the most widely-used metrics in its standard reports: Audit, Completion, Late Tickets, Ticket details, and Tickets Received.

Within the above categories, you’re also able to drill down to more specific detail. For example, you can run late ticket reports by member code, operator, or mobile. 

In the advanced package, the Custom Reporting Tool elevates your reporting capabilities to an unlimited scale. KorTerra will tailor a reporting area for you to include any custom data you choose. You tell us what specialized reports you want, and we build it and put it in your environment for you.

Some examples of custom data:

  • Ticket Priorities
  • Ticket Counts
  • Top Performers
  • Completed/NLR
  • Year Comparable


  • Generate Audit, Completion, Late Tickets, Ticket details, and Tickets Received reports in any package
  • Unlimited reporting capabilities with Custom Reporting Tool
  • Create any specialized report that supports your business intelligence needs

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