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Ticket Screening

Ticket Screening

Auto ticket screen pngAccelerate your screening efforts, minimize labor, and track your process with our ticket screening capabilities. This sophisiticated feature empowers you to to conflict or clear tickets based on where your assets lie. You can control how screeners access the queue and track how long it takes them to manually screen individual tickets. The system collects numerous data points for screening-specicfic reporting, too. Save significant time and money with ticket screening.

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  • Auto conflict or clear tickets
  • Visible timer records each decision
  • Multiple data point collection for reporting
  • Configurable system to auto send ticket to appropriate locator


  • Filter out tickets that don’t need the attention of your screeners
  • Avoid cherry-picking by controlling the screening environment
  • Reduce contract locating costs by only sending tickets where your facilities are in conflict
  • Save time and labor by simplifying the decision process on whether to screen and whom to send conflict tickets to