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Map Features Put You in Control

We know you rely on your maps for work, so we made them one of the most powerful tools for your business.

 KorWeb has two mapping features that empower you to work smarter and faster. Thanks to your feedback, these features are more valuable than ever.

Facility Mapping           

Facility Mapping uses GIS data to create a dynamic map of underground assets and the OCC notification zone in relation to excavation areas. The maps are accessible in the field as well as the office, and they're updated in real time. In addition to driving directions, with this map you can:

  • Reduce field team dispatches and route work efficiently
  • Display attributes of your mapping data
  • Use the new Address Zoom, Latitude/Longitude Zoom and improved Measuring Tool
  • See real-time data for all the maps integrated in the platform

Map Based Routing 

Map Based Routing gives you the ability to draw polygons on a map, providing an alternative routing option that leverages a visual approach to balancing your workload. The maps keep real-time ticket information for each zone. Reporting and analytics are available for both individual and multiple zones.

  • Intuitive, map-based interface allows users to easily draw polygons to indicate specific locate areas
  • Defines separate locating areas where multiple locators are involved or where high profile facilities are indicated
  • Instantly upload shape files with zones into KorWeb

Our maps don’t just show you where you’re going. They give you the visibility to control the workflow and assess the field – in real time, all day. Contact us for more info.

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