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The 811 Day We Couldn’t Wait for did not Disappoint

If you’re looking for new ideas for a work event, we don’t mind saying ours was one for the books. Here’s how it all went down:

Celebrating what?

NSDM infographics clock811 Day. As a company that makes software for the damage prevention industry, this is a big deal.  811 is the number to call before you dig in your yard for things like building a deck, planting a tree, installing a mailbox, and laying patio. Hitting just one line can cost you fines, repairs, injuries, and outages.

Since the inception of 811 ten years ago, damages to US underground utilities have been reduced by 54%.

In other words, the kind of accidents that are not only expensive and intrusive to repair, but also potentially life-threatening, have been more than cut in half over the last decade.

That. Is. Awesome. By spreading the word to call before digging, we all save lives, neighborhoods, and properties. It’s basically a superpower.   

So what did you do?

Lots, but the main event featured everyone’s favorite digging machines. We had a puppy party.

Sam and pup

It was an explosion of cuteness so intense it could have melted your face. It was pure joy dressed in tiny fur bodies jumping around giving kisses. Their clumsy trots and quick tuckered-outness was sunshine on a rainy day. (Ok, it was sunny out, but we couldn’t wipe the smiles from our faces.)

The party was done through Secondhand Hounds, a nonprofit animal rescue in Eden Prairie, MN. They did an outstanding job, and we highly recommend them.

In addition, we shared the allotted 90 minutes with our neighboring business, Mt Olivet Rolling Acres. This group of dedicated folks provides day services for disabled adults. The staff and clients had a blast with the puppies, too, though no one reported on any face melting situations. 

I don’t like puppies. What else?

cookieYou’re a monster, that’s what else. But we did run with the dog theme for three other acts of awesome.


Our potluck/cookout cuisine included hot dogs and a giant cookie (because Frisbees.) The additional spread was de-lish, and the perfect fuel for the rigorous competition that awaited.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Valor

 As a competitive group, we are required to host a tournament at every internal event. This is less about a good time and more about athletic hubris and refusal to accept responsibility for a loss. Fun is just an obvious byproduct.

We had the first ever KorTerra Kubb championship, chosen for its fetch-like stick throwing. With a few tweaks to the rules (read: time limit), six  teams battled for the prestigious honor of All-Time Greatest Lawn Game Champions of the World. But you probably already heard about it.  It’s a pretty big deal.


Forced Labor

We hadn’t quite exhausted the dog theme, so for good measure, we went old school with a tug of war. This competition determined who cleaned up after the party. To drive home the theme, we used dog puns in the team names. A little franchise called “Star Wars” tends to be popular amongst techies, so we named them “Empire Bites Back” and “Bone Troopers.” The former won…quite easily, I add. (As you can see in the video.) Now they all brag about being pillars of fitness. 

Although puppies and games were a part of our celebration, our focus remains strong - don’t be a statistic. Whether you’re a homeowner with a shovel or a professional excavator with a backhoe, everyone must Call Before You Dig. 

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