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KorWeb Partner Program


The partner program enables One Call Centers from anywhere to elevate their own business practices and offer our award-winning software to their members for free. 

KorTerra's comprehensive products and services drastically improve efficiency and visibility for One Call Centers. We deliver the most innovative technology in the industry, and we back it with exceptional customer service. When you partner with us, you receive:

  • The KorWeb Ticket Management System
  • One Call Center Technical Services, including website creation and hosting
  • One Call Center Applications, customizing KorWeb to the OCC environment
  • Member Marketing and Communications

In addition, we know that our software is most beneficial when your members use it, too, so we'll extend it to them for free.  

By offering the ticket management system to members, One Call Centers decrease their costs, expand their member base, increase damage prevention awareness, enhance safety, and improve adherence to state laws. In our eyes, it gives the damage prevention industry the right tools to keep all of us safe. 


Our solutions interface with all One Call Centers across the globe. These partner states take advantage of our partner program and provide KorWeb to their members for free:

Alabama 811 logo      Arkansas 811 logo      Mississippi 811 logo      New Mexico 811 logo     OKIE 811 logo 

South Carolina 811    South Dakota 811 logo      Tennessee 811 logo      Texas 811 logo     West Virginia 811 logo

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