KorTerra Supports National Safe Digging Month

CHANHASSEN, MN (April 4, 2016) KorTerra, an underground utility damage prevention software and One Call Center solutions company, is a strong supporter and advocate of National Safe Digging Month. Since 2007, Common Ground Alliance (CGA) stakeholders unite in the month of April to endorse safe digging practices and communicate how important it is to call before you dig. As a CGA stakeholder, KorTerra is committed to promoting safe digging not only in April, but throughout the entire year.

Every six minutes an underground utility line is damaged because someone decided to dig before calling 811. Damage to utility lines, injuries, property damage and inconvenient outages are just some of many reasons why calling 811 is the first step to take before digging. Submitting a locate request to your state’s One Call center can decrease your chance of damaging an underground utility line to less than 1%.

“By calling 811 to have professional locators mark the location of buried utility lines, homeowners and professionals are taking the first step in ensuring the safety of our communities,” said KorTerra President, Chris Stendal. “National Safe Digging Month is an important time for utility damage prevention professionals to continue to advocate for safe digging practices.”

Once a locate request is received by your state’s One Call center, professional utility locators will be dispatched to the indicated work site to mark all public utility lines with paint and/or flags. Once the allotted time has passed and all utility lines are properly marked, digging may begin.

KorTerra has become the industry’s leading One Call ticket management software used by contract locators, One Call centers, utilities, municipalities and pipeline companies to aid in the protection of underground facilities. KorTerra’s product suite allows users to easily and efficiently achieve their damage prevention goals, while increasing safety and adherence to state laws.

Remember to always call 811 any time digging will occur, and help educate others on the importance of calling before you dig. Safe digging starts with one phone call.

About KorTerra, Inc.
Since 1990, KorTerra has been the damage prevention industry’s most trusted partner in providing quality and comprehensive One Call ticket management software solutions. KorTerra works with Pipeline Companies, Utilities, Municipalities, Contract Locators, and One Call Centers to help them operate as efficiently as possible through the use of our industry-leading technology, while cutting costs by eliminating unnecessary manual processes. KorTerra’s unique position of collaborating directly with these companies in the damage prevention industry has allowed us to build a compilation of industry-wide knowledge and best practices that few companies possess. KorTerra's current One Call ticket management operations process over 25,000,000 tickets annually. In addition to One Call ticket management software, KorTerra provides process consulting and software training services to ensure operations are streamlined and functional throughout all areas of an organization. To learn more about KorTerra, please visit www.korterra.com, or contact via telephone at 952.368.1911.


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