KorWeb Editions

KorWeb Advanced dashboard shown on desktop

KorWeb Editions

KorTerra offers KorWeb Ticket Management for utilities, pipelines, locators and municipalities to manage their incoming one call locate tickets. All versions of KorWeb provide ticket receiving, processing, sorting, storing and ticket completion online. By packaging different levels of technology and features in the two KorWeb editions, users are given the ability to select which option best fits their damage prevention processes.

KorWeb: KorWeb is a robust set of ticket management functions used by utilities and locators. The system accommodates multiple locators and multiple geographic areas, all accessing their company data through one KorWeb database. Transferring tickets, sharing ticket information and company-wide reporting are common in this edition.

KorWeb Advanced: KorWeb Advanced provides all the features of KorWeb, plus additional advanced reporting and communications features. KorWeb Advanced is designed for the exporting and analysis of specialized data. This edition may appeal to users who need to collect various damage prevention data and interpret for business intelligence purposes. Advanced reporting also allows management an in depth view of company operations, which may help in decision making, cutting costs and identifying areas of improvement.


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Features Standard Advanced Enterprise
Ticket Receiving & Dispatch      
Automated Ticket Dispatching & Routing

Map Based Routing Optional Optional

Client Branding  

Ticket Screening Optional Optional Optional
Time Based Routing  

Ticket Messenger Optional Optional Optional
Email Tickets to Users

XML FTP & Email Ticket Reception

Mobile Capabilities      
KorWeb App  Optional Optional

Mobile Client Optional Optional Optional
Ticket Monitoring      
My Dashboard

System Dashboard  

Automated Emergency Notification

Multi User Ticket Notifications  

Nightly Ticket Reception Auditing

Ticket Audit Trail

Ticket Views & Completion      
Attachments Optional Optional

Automated Action Workflows Optional Optional Optional
Custom Due Date Indicators  

Due Date Extension  

Enhanced Ticket Sort  

Sketching Optional Optional Optional
Positive Response to Excavator (Email) Optional Optional

Positive Response to Excavator (Email + Fax) Optional Optional Optional
Positive Response to Excavator (Email + Fax + Voice) Optional Optional Optional
Positive Response to Excavator with Attachments Optional Optional Optional
Positive Response to One Call Center

Automated Positive Response

Partial Ticket Completion (Projects)

Project Ticket Tracking

Configurable Locate Action Codes

Standard One Call Ticket Display Format

Unified Ticket Display (KorTerra Format)  

Ticket Type Differentiation (Emergency, Meet, Routine)

Ticket Completion Remarks

Work Order Entry  

Work to Begin Indicators

Facility Mapping Optional Optional

Map Based Routing Optional Optional

Standard Base Map

Enhanced Base Map Optional

Mapped Dig Box

Moveable Dig Marker  

Map Annotations Optional Optional Optional
Standard Ticket Search (Dispatch Box)

Advanced Ticket Search

Search Results Displayed on a Map

Reporting & Auditing      
Audit Discrepancy Report

One Call Audit Report

Detail by Member Code

Detail by Operator

Detail by Mobile

Latest by Member Code

KorTerra Billing Optional Optional Optional
KorTerra Payroll Optional Optional Optional
Summary by Member Code

Summary by Operator

Summary by Mobile

Summary by Month by Member Code  

Summary by Month by Member Code by Operator  

Summary by Month by Operator  

Summary by Month by Mobile  

Late Tickets by Member Code

Late Tickets by Month by Member Code  

Late Tickets by Month by Mobile  

Late Tickets by Operator

Late Tickets by Mobile

Ticket Detail

Tickets Received Detail

Tickets Received Summary by District

Tickets Received Summary by Mobile

Tickets Received Summary by City

Tickets Received Summary by Priority

Custom Reporting Tool ($)*  

Exportable Reports (Excel & PDF)

Quality Assurance Auditing

Minimum 6 Years’ Worth of Online Data Storage

Business Intelligence      
Attachment Disk Usage Widget  

Multi-Mobile Ticket Map Widget  

Multi-Mobile Ticket Radar Map Widget  

My Completion Types Widget  

My Open Tickets by Due Date Widget  

My Team Open Tickets by Due Date Widget  

My Teams’ Late Ticket Trends Widget  

My Teams’ Tickets Widget  

My Tickets Widget

Note to Self Widget

Open Tickets Widget

Open vs. Completed Today Widget  

Multi-Mobile Ticket Radar Map Widget  

Phonebook Widget  

Stopwatch Widget  

Team Completion Types Widget  

Team Open vs. Completed Today Widget  

Ticket Load Balancing Widget  

Tickets Transmitted in Past Week Widget  

Weather Widget  

Reporting & Auditing

Public Awareness      
Public Awareness Program Optional Optional Optional
System Integration      
Custom Completion Screen Optional Optional Optional
Custom System Interface Optional Optional Optional
KorWeb Stand Alone Environment Optional Optional Optional
Utility to Contractor Interface Optional Optional

Custom Defined Priorities  

Defined Region & Districts  

Region District Security Optional Optional

Phone Book

Operator Maintenance   

Support for Unlimited Numbers of Users

Upgrades & Maintenance

Exclusive Access to KorTerra Member Area

Online Training Videos

Onsite Client Training Optional Optional Optional
Virtual Training Optional Optional Optional
Data Security       
Data Center Redundancy 

Data Integrity

Network Redundancy

Server Redundancy

* $ additional fee may be required depending on desired use of feature


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