Microsoft Certified Partner

KorTerra's Microsoft Partner Certification

As a Certified Microsoft Partner, KorTerra has competence and expertise with Microsoft. This gives us best-in-class capabilities for deploying Microsoft solutions. We are able to leverage partner resources to provide our customers the most trusted damage prevention software applications in the industry.  Our certified status allows us access to numerous Microsoft tools that directly benefit our customers.  Partnering with Microsoft also ensures our applications work on the latest Microsoft platforms.

Partner Certification – Benefits for KorTerra’s Clients


  • KorTerra receives a direct, preferred services relationship with Microsoft, which allows us to quickly address Microsoft product issues for our customers
  • Resolve technical issues and save time and money with priority problem resolution support
  • Receive break-fix resolution support our customers' technical problems; issues receive priority response and continuous effort until relief is provided

Consulting and Training

  • KorTerra enhances our technical skills by working with Microsoft experts and utilizing unique tools and workshops
  • Training classes also help KorTerra build a more knowledgeable staff
  • Microsoft consulting services help avert potential problems for KorTerra and our customers

Information Sharing

  • KorTerra receives and shares insight into current and future technology information
  • Advance notice and materials are provided to help you align with Microsoft's strategic initiatives
  • Proactive Information Distribution—proactive notification of critical product, technology, and security information that may affect your business


  • KorTerra’s applications are put through rigorous testing by Microsoft to receive a certified status
  • More effectively develop, deploy, and support Microsoft products for our customers


  • KorTerra receives early notification of business-impacting issues such as virus alerts and security updates, and receive proactive e-mail communications with information that is pertinent to your technical environment
  • Security advisory messages are sent to Microsoft to all Partners
  • Programs are provided to quickly and efficiently assess, protect, and manage our customers’ security infrastructures

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