Mobile Client

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KorTerra Mobile Client allows locators to work in any location, with or without a wireless connection. All locate tickets are uploaded onto the mobile device through a wireless internet connection. The mobile device continues to receive updated information, such as new locate tickets, through that wireless connection. Should that connection ever be lost, KorTerra Mobile Client allows the user to keep working as if they were still connected.

New data can continue to be stored by the locator, and is saved in a queue to be sent back to their One Call ticket management system, until a connection is restored. Whenever a wireless internet connection returns, all saved data will be transferred automatically and new data, such as new tickets to locate, will be delivered to the mobile.


  • Locate without a live internet connection
  • Sort tickets in locate order (not available for iOS)
  • View tickets & maps in the field
  • Audio alert for emergency tickets (not available for iOS)