Automated Positive Response

Automated Positive Response feature on tablet

Automated Positive Response

Reduce time spent manually responding to tickets and save time by clearing multiple tickets at once. Enhance Positive Response by eliminating redundancies and correct and report on any failed responses. Positive Response sends a confirmation notice to both the excavator and One Call Center after a facility has been located. This completely automates the process, reducing the time you spend manually responding to tickets. It keeps you compliant with One Call regulations, and tracks/stores outcomes for easy auditing. Dispatchers can also save time by clearing multiple tickets at once.

With our Positive Response templating to the excavator/homeowner, the voice, fax, or email notification options, and the ability to attach photos and documents, provide precise validation of what was done onsite. KorTerra’s highly configurable feature makes sending locate confirmation effortless.


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  • Flexible, highly-configurable interface
  • Customized templating
  • Automatically respond to call center and excavator
  • Information is stored for easy auditing
  • Tracks success or failure of responses
  • Resend a positive response with click of a button


  • Maintains compliance with all One Call regulations
  • View whether response was received, and if not, the reason for the failure, so that you can immediately correct processes to expedite future tickets
  • Locators can communicate details and specifics to the excavator through notes, thereby improving chances of a safe dig
  • Excavators can include attachments for documentation