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Attachment Compression

Reducing the Size of Your Photos

Digital cameras and Smartphones can often create very large images. These photos have the potential of being larger than most computer screens when viewed after they have been attached to a ticket. Attaching large pictures within KorWeb can quickly deplete your allotted disk space. KorTerra has a method allowing users to reduce the unneeded size of photos, thus reducing costs and increasing performance when viewing them online.

Why is this important?
1. When you reduce your photo size, you will get faster performance
2. View any attached photos in the office or on-the-go
3. Attach more photos and documents without surpassing your attachment size limit

You can find your file size allotment by logging into KorWeb and viewing your Attachment Space Usage gauge. The gauge can be found on the Attachment tab when viewing the detail of a ticket.

Regular sized images are unnecessary and take up much needed attachment space. By compressing your photos you can reduce them by x% of the original photo size. See for yourself how KorTerra’s Attachment Compression Service can help to save you money and space within your KorWeb environment.

Click the image compression size options provided by KorTerra below to see the difference between a regular image and compressed images:

example image button

top image attchmts

800x600new 4th

1024x768new second image


1536x1180new third image



Photo Quality: High quality print, full of detail

Excellent: Generally good for most purposes

Very Good: This will be fine for most uses, unless you zoom into the image

OK: Looks reasonable, but not photo quality

Poor: Poor quality, highly pixelated

To increase your KorWeb performance by reducing the size of your photo attachments, contact sales at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 952-368-1911.

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