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St. Paul Regional Water Services

reflet st paulFebruary 27, 2013

Chris Stendal, President
18946 Lake Drive East
Chanhassen, MN 55317

Dear Chris,

St Paul Regional Water Services has been using a ticket management system since they have been available to us. We locate our facilities within 8 cities in the metro area, processing approximately 35,000 tickets per year. I also serve on the GSOC Operations Committee, and have for a number of years, which gives me insight to the inner workings of GSOC and KorTerra.

SPRWS is extremely pleased with the way KorTerra has embraced technology and is continually looking for improvements both to the users and for efficiency within the organization since the partnership with GSOC. I applaud them for their involvement with the GSOC Operations Committee. They bring valuable information and facts to present to this committee that not only educates us but allows us to make recommendations with concrete data instead of hearsay. An example of this would be the discussion on fax submittals. KorTerra staff was able to present the amount of faxes coming in, who the top users where, the inefficiency of this process internally to KorTerra and why strategies to reduce/eliminate this process were beneficial to all. Throughout this process, they were very open minded to the discussion amongst the group but yet continued to pursue a better solution.

I also appreciate their openness and timeliness to suggestions, concerns or requests we may have. This is from your manager down to your support staff. Some examples of this are as follows:

They have made the website flexible, allowing the users to customize their screen as needed.

When asked, they added new territory to our existing geography in an efficient and timely manner.

Due to a lawsuit against the City of St Paul, we needed to add another department to our ticket response – this was done with ease and proficiency.

When SPRWS began experiencing an increase in water service hits, it was correlated to a new process initiated with GSOC. Don Lewis worked with me to send out new language on the return email to ticket holders to clarify some information which in turn stopped the problem.

Periodically we will need queries run of the ticket data to help us with our workflow processes or contractual agreements. I am always treated like I am their #1 customer and receive my information timely with follow-up to make sure I am satisfied.

KorTerra has made vast improvements from their predecessor at GSOC in the call center. They also have shined in recent years on their ticket management system. I appreciate their forward thinking and pro-activeness in this industry. The people employed within the KorTerra company today are extremely knowledgeable, customer focused and efficient in all that they do. I would recommend the use of them to any other state for a one call system.


Dolly Ludden
Business Improvement Manager
St Paul Regional Water Services

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