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Dakota Electric

reflet dak elecMay 25, 2010

Chris Stendal, President
18882 Lake Drive East
Chanhassen, MN 55317

Dear Chris,

Dakota Electric Association has been using KorTerra Dispatch since the early 1990’s when KorTerra was known as Vertical Systems. In 2009, we decided to upgrade to the KorTerra Mobile. In addition to the standard mobile product, we wanted to utilize our existing ESRI maps instead of the standard maps that came with the software. We worked with KorTerra to integrate our maps into their existing software which allowed our Dispatchers and Locators to easily see our existing map area and information that was affected by the individual tickets.

Moving to KorTerra Mobile has saved us time both in the office and the field. Previously, tickets were closed in the office some point after they were completed. Now they are closed by the Locator as the work is done, allowing for positive response to Gopher State One Call and an accurate record of the work from the field. Utilizing the mapping system also allows the Dispatchers to easily review the tickets to determine which do not need to be located and to assign the tickets based on their physical location rather than relying on addresses and cities. In addition, we are able to use our mapping system to review the incoming tickets and for our Locators to use this technology in the field. The Locators are able to sort the tickets based on their location on a map, allowing them to choose the best route for the day. The maps automatically zoom to the ticket area so they don’t have to spend time finding the correct address, saving them time. They are able to move around the map and zoom to different levels using our standard ESRI tools.

The KorTerra support staff has always been very helpful. They have been willing to work with us on issues as they arise and are knowledgeable about the product. We have maintained a good relationship and their response has been timely and effective. Using remote connections for support speeds up the process of determining the cause of a problem and finding a solution. As an example, after the initial install, we found the tool used to locate the addresses wasn’t 100% accurate. This meant that the Dispatcher who reviewed the tickets needed to find the correct location on the map as well as the Locator in the field. Korterra staff worked with us to give our Dispatchers the ability to move the houses on the map, saving our Locators time while in the field.

Overall, we have seen time-savings, a reduction in paper, and ease of use with the KorTerra Mobile product and integration with our ESRI mapping system. We appreciate the relationship that we have maintained with KorTerra personnel and would highly recommend them for use at other utilities.


Betty Jo Kiesow
System Design Manager
Dakota Electric Association

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