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City of Minneapolis

ref let city mplsMarch 22, 2010

Chris Stendal, President
18882 Lake Drive East
Chanhassen, MN 55317

Dear Chris,

On behalf of the City of Minneapolis, I would like to extend my thanks to you and the entire KorTerra staff for continued excellence in providing quality products and support.  The City of Minneapolis Public Works Divisions of Water, Sewer, and Traffic utilize the KorTerra Client/Server Dispatching System in the office environment as well as the KorTerra Mobile product in the field.  The City of Minneapolis has been using your dispatching software since it was Verticals’ ADLS product in the late 1990s.   The average ticket count per year totals approximately 100,000 between the three Divisions, with Water performing the most locates.

KorTerra and its Dispatching System has helped the City in numerous ways, including the ability to split a Gopher One Call ticket into 3 so each department can handle the locate independently.  This is essential as each Division has vastly different completion criteria, work crews and schedules.  One other example of a smooth technology transition using KorTerra was our migration from telephone communications to the internet using ftp.  This was a necessary, cost-saving move that KorTerra once again made simple and easy, even when they were asked to work with the City’s 3rd party IT department and meet their stringent security requirements.

With the recent requirement of Positive Response, KorTerra’s software has the ability to combine completed tickets back into one ticket to be sent back to Gopher One Call automatically.  This automation saves countless hours of staff time, as does the usage of their KorTerra Mobile product in the field.  KorTerra Mobile empowers the locators and allows the City to go paperless with tickets transferred to a laptop in the field.  The locator can also complete tickets in the field, which allowed for reduction and reassignment of staff in the office.

Over the long history of working with KorTerra, your company has been very responsive and personable.  The KorTerra staff is easy to work with, patient, flexible and always willing to help, whether remotely or on-site.  They assist with items such as technical support, long-range planning, report and data questions, and software demos.  KorTerra also offers customizable and comprehensive training as well as useful, informative, and interactive User Conferences.

In closing, I have truly enjoyed working with both the KorTerra product and the company.  There are not very many software companies that can provide the helpful, friendly, and familiar service that KorTerra offers.  I would encourage any utility or locating company to consider KorTerra when looking at Locate Dispatching and Damage Prevention systems.  Feel free to pass this reference along to any potential clients in the future.

Thank  you.


Steve Crumley
Systems Manager
City of Minneapolis
Public Works - Water

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