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Georgia Power

reflet georgCable Locating and Claims
755 Jefferson St. NW – BIN 39072
Atlanta, Georgia 30318

December 11, 2009

Chris Stendal, President
18882 Lake Drive East
Chanhassen, MN 55317

Dear Chris,

Georgia Power and KorTerra have enjoyed a very beneficial relationship since we began using your product in 2002.  At the time we were looking for a product to assist us with the new requirement to respond back to our One Call System with a code indicating our response to each ticket, as well as to help us improve our overall efficiency in locating our facilities.  Your system has enabled us to meet these objectives and more.  It has provided us with tremendous benefits in managing our workload on a daily basis to the point that our locate technicians are typically now always working at least one full day ahead.

With KorTerra’s help, we have gone from a pencil and paper environment to real time.  As the tickets are received from the Call Center, they are immediately parsed into the data base and transmitted via wireless link to the appropriate technician’s laptop in his/her truck.  When circumstances require, we can easily transfer the ticket to another technician’s laptop, again instantaneously.  As the technician completes the work, the ticket status is immediately forwarded back to the Call Center and is available for the originator to view.  Combining this with the myriad of reports available to us, we have truly taken control of our work and are managing it efficiently day by day (actually minute by minute).

I also wish to mention to you the great support we receive from your staff.  They are only a phone call away and able to quickly investigate, identify the issue, and recommend a solution.  They understand our situation and are always responsive and do all they can to meet our needs in the time frame we require.

In reflecting back on the impact your product has had on Georgia Power, I am amazed.  You truly have provided us with a product that has enabled us to control and manage our work load.  We now have data available in routine reports that enable us to quickly identify potential problem areas and address them without having to wait for a more serious symptom to appear.  I am still very pleased that we chose your product and look forward to our continued working relationship together.

If I can ever assist you by speaking with potential clients, I will be happy to do so.  You are also welcome to share this letter with them.


Jim Weldon
Cable Locating and Claims Manager

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