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City of Mankato

ref let city mankato10 Civic Center Plaza
Post Office Box 3368
Mankato, MN 56002

May 25, 2006

Chris Stendal, President
8170 Mallory Court
Chanhassen, MN 55317

Dear Chris,

I am writing to you to let you know how pleased we have been with the KorWeb product that we purchased in January.  It has solved many of the issues we were struggling with here at the City.  The amount of time we have saved has definitely paid for the product and then some.  Initially when we began to look at the product, we were mainly interested in reducing the $1.00 per ticket fee we were paying to receive our Gopher State One Call tickets via fax machine.  At the time, the only option to eliminate the fee was to receive the tickets via email.  GSOC could not guarantee, however, that we would get all of the tickets.  In fact, we would have been required to sign a waiver that released them from responsibility if we did not receive a ticket and as a result, facilities were damaged.  When we visited with Rick Olson from your company, he assured us that he could guarantee that we would receive all of the tickets and could offer the service for much less than $1.00 per ticket.  I was sold right then and there, but since that time, we have realized even bigger cost savings.

One of the features that we particularly like is the database format of the system.  It is so nice to be able to search for a single ticket or a large group of tickets by so many different parameters.  We use this feature to audit the excavations that take place inside the city limits.  If someone wishes to dig in our right-of-way, they must first obtain a permit from the City.  We can pull up a list of tickets that claim to be in the right-of-way and determine quickly if someone has excavated without a permit.

The product has also made life easier when the primary locator needs to be gone for the day.  The backup locators can log on to the system and immediately determine where the primary locator left off.  Previously, it was very cumbersome to communicate this information.

Probably the best feature of the system is the emergency notification procedures that have been implemented.  We receive emails and text messages from KorTerra whenever an emergency ticket is issued.  Since we were relying on faxes previously, it could be hours before the locator would get back in to pick up more tickets and discover there was an emergency.  I can’t think of even a single emergency that we have not responded to in less than an hour since we started using KorWeb.

All in all, we have a safer, more efficient, time-saving, and money-saving system.  I would definitely refer to this product as one of the “Best Bets” for public works and I haven’t even mentioned how fantastic the customer service has been.  Please tell your staff how much we have enjoyed working with them.

Feel free to share this letter with potential clients.  We would be more than happy to speak on your behalf.


Emily Javens
Associate Civil Engineer
Right-of-Way Management

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