Region District Security

Region District Security

Customize your KorWeb to allow access based on your organizational structure. Separating workflows and tickets by department or region ensures greater efficiency and reduces the possibility of human error, all while maintaining top-down transparency at both a departmental and global level. 

When the Region District Security feature is enabled, users only have access to tickets received in their given area—whether a Region, District, or Mobile. Administrators and managers can easily view tickets throughout the organization in the centralized database. Region District Security can be implemented across all branches of an organization ensuring data consistency and a standardized ticket format for easier reporting, auditing and compliance with regulations and damage investigations. Region District Security provides your company with better control and better visibility with customized and secured user environments.


  • Securely combine multiple environments or offices
  • Store your entire organization's data in one centralized location
  • Limit user and group access and actions
  • Flexible security settings