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KorTerra Presents the Future, and the Sky is the Limit – Literally

KorTerra Presents the Future, and the Sky is the Limit – Literally

We’ve been waiting a long time to unveil the game-changing technology that is zSite! Through the KorWeb App, you can pilot an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to capture images and video that was completely out of reach until now.

Consider the possibilities for your locate documentation when you can add aerial footage. Get eyes on your assets before sending out a single locator. Capture an overview of your location, not just points accessible on the ground. Inspect hard-to-access points of interest without endangering anyone. Create a 3D record of a claims investigation. The list is endless. 

zSite technology was designed to be intuitive so that you can easily pilot the UAV, save data to a ticket, and retrieve it when you need it. No need to manually operate the UAV, either. Simply input the data requested by the app, and our technology does the rest. 

KorTerra is debuting zSite at the 2017 CGA 811 Excavation Safety Conference & Expo in Orlando Florida March 14-16. If you’re an attendee, be sure to see the outdoor demo fair on Thursday! If you missed the CGA, you can contact KorTerra with questions about zSite here.

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