Introducing Incident Manager, the Web-based Underground Facility Damage Case Management Software

Chanhassen, Minn. (March 10, 2014) – KorTerra, the leading damage prevention software provider and Rhino Marking and Protection Systems, damage prevention tool creators, have teamed up to bring a new product specifically for underground utility damage case management called, Incident Manager. This product was created for damage prevention case managers and owners/operators of underground facilities.

When an underground utility is struck during an excavation, important data is needed for collection before locate paint lines/flags disappear and the damage itself is repaired. This data is essential for any party involved to ensure that an effective investigation is conducted. Incident Manager allows users to collect data quickly and easily using the application at the site of the damage on a mobile device and can be used at the office after that data is collected. Data collected includes:

• Investigative data: this is any perishable data that is taken from the site of the damage that quickly diminishes as time passes.

• Witness interviews: getting interviews from anyone that may have witnessed the damage is incredibly important, that’s why incident manager has a built in module that allows for easy collection of this information.

• Attach photos and other documentation: photos and videos can be taken at the site of the damage and attached to the incident in question.

• Sketches of the site: using the Sketch tool, users can sketch a rendering of the damage over a map on a Smartphone or tablet.

• Original ticket data: Incident Manager allows for users to generate original one call dig ticket information directly from a state One Call Center. Users of KorWeb, KorTerra’s Web-based damage prevention software, can also easily generate ticket information through Incident Managers interface with the software.

When an incident case has been completed, certain parties involved in the case must send required damage reporting information to the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT). Through a direct interface with CGA DIRT, users of Incident Manager can easily send reporting information directly to the reporting tool from the application. Incident summary reports can also be generated for internal business use.

“Accidents happen and with that damages to underground facilities happen. We hope that with the creation of Incident Manager, investigators will be able to collect important information needed in representing their case, allocating costs and learning from accidents in hope of avoiding any future damages,” said KorTerra President, Chris Stendal.

KorTerra and Rhino Marking and Protection Systems are partnering together to offer this software application to the damage prevention community after finding that many companies involved in underground facility damages, sometimes miss the collection of important information during investigation process.

Incident Manager will be demonstrated for the first time at this year’s Common Ground Alliance (CGA) 811 Excavation Safety Conference and Expo at both the KorTerra and Rhino Marking and Protection Systems booths.

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