KorTerra, Inc. Announces Creation of New Damage Prevention Search Engine Called CGA VAULT

Minneapolis (May 30, 2013) – The damage prevention industry, which is focused on promoting safe digging practices, is unveiling a new search engine called CGA VAULT. The CGA VAULT was created by the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Technology Committee and KorTerra, a Chanhassen, Minn. software company. The website was created specifically for excavators, utility organizations, pipeline companies and any businesses that have underground facilities, as a tool to find information surrounding damage prevention technologies and safe digging best practices.

“We were honored to be involved with the technology committee on this project. KorTerra is a damage prevention advocate, therefore helping on this project was an easy decision for us,” said KorTerra Vice President of Operations and CGA Technology Committee Chair, Jeff Law.

The creation of the search engine came from the CGA Technology Committee identifying an issue many in the damage prevention industry were discovering; the lack of focused information about the industry. Search engines like Google and Bing were too broad in their results, thus causing frustration in the industry. CGA VAULT was created to alleviate the difficulty in finding this information with a search engine built for the damage prevention industry.

The CGA VAULT allows users to search organically for any damage prevention related topic they choose. It also has predetermined fields to search including: categories, best practices, root causes and stakeholders. Each of these topics incorporate drop down menus with defined search criteria pertaining to the topic. Any number of sub-topics can be chosen to further refine search results. Over 350 different products/services have been included in the initial launch of the search engine. It is the committee’s goal to continue to build on the entries in the database through contributions from businesses that serve the industry.

“Companies can easily add their products and services to the site, making it easy for them to not only advertise their technologies, but to inform the public of who they are,” Law said.

The search engine was demonstrated to the public in March at the 2013 CGA Conference and Expo. Within the next few months, KorTerra plans to unveil a feature in the system which will allow users to comment on the products and services found within the search engine.

Visit www.cga-vault.com to view the CGA VAULT.

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