KorTerra, Inc. Announces Partnership With Ohio Utilities Protection Service Providing KorWeb Software to Its Members

MINNEAPOLIS, April 25, 2013 -- KorTerra, Inc. a nationwide damage prevention and one call center solutions company, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Ohio Utilities Protection Service, the Ohio call before you dig center. Through this partnership, KorTerra will provide all Ohio Utilities Protection Service utility members access to its damage prevention software, KorWeb Ticket Management. KorWeb Ticket Management allows users to receive call before you dig tickets in a convenient and safe online platform, increasing efficiency for utilities and facility locators who are managing one call tickets and locating underground utilities. Through KorTerra's partner program, members of KorTerra partner states, like Ohio Utilities Protection Service members, are provided the standard version of this software.

"KorTerra has a proven track record of quality products and services. We are pleased to be able to make some of these products and services available to our members," said Ohio Utilities Protection Service Executive Director, Roger Lipscomb.

Within the next month, safe digging laws in Ohio will be changing. A recently passed law requires all utility companies to send a notification (positive response) to Ohio Utilities Protection Service after marking a dig site with paint or flags. The new legislation, which came into effect March 27, 2013, is designed to increase measures of safety and communication, as each year several injuries, and some reported deaths, have occurred due to ill followed safe digging practices.

Due to this change, there will be increased communication between Ohio Utilities Protection Service and those involved in excavation and damage prevention. KorWeb will aide in this transition, allowing utility companies to automatically send their positive response messages to Ohio Utilities Protection Service through KorWeb in a Web-based environment. In addition to meeting the new positive response law, KorWeb helps utility companies increase excavation area marking efficiency with online mapping and photo attachment tools.

"We are very excited to be partnering with Ohio Utilities Protection Service, and are happy to be able to provide their members ticket management software at no cost in the hopes that doing so will increase safe digging practices within the state, as well as assist with Ohio's new positive response law," said KorTerra President, Chris Stendal.

KorTerra currently has partnerships with eight state one call canters including South Dakota, Tennessee, Arkansas, South Carolina, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama and Minnesota. KorTerra provides each state's members its damage prevention software, KorWeb, at no cost.

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