KorTerra to Unveil its Newest Version of KorWeb at This Year’s KorWeb User Conference

Chanhassen, Minn. (July 25, 2014) – KorTerra, the underground facility damage prevention software provider and One Call Center solutions company, will unveil the newest version of its damage prevention software, KorWeb, at its second annual KorWeb User Conference. This three day conference will include several educational sessions along with one-on-one time with specific KorTerra team members.

As one of the many highlights at this year’s conference, attendees will get a sneak peak at the upgrade of KorWeb, aptly named version 5.0. This session will allow for KorWeb users to not only see the new version of the damage prevention software, which will be implemented for all current users within the coming year, but offers a chance for them to share their development and functionality ideas.

The KorTerra team will also introduce its most recent software release, Incident Manager, the underground damage or near miss case management tool. Special guest speakers, client case studies, damage prevention industry information and future product development brainstorming sessions will be included at this year’s conference as well.

“Following the success of last year’s KorWeb User Conference, we are excited to bring together our KorWeb customers to learn more about how they use KorWeb and advise them on recommended best practices,” said KorTerra President, Chris Stendal.

Along with a user group breakout session, attendees will be given the chance to network with both the KorTerra team and industry peers at conference events including a golf tournament, cocktail hour and a dinner event.

The KorWeb User Conference will take place from Sept. 9-11 at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, Minn. To find out more about the KorWeb User Conference or to register, click here. To see highlights from last year’s conference visit KorTerra’s member page by clicking here.

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