New Call Before you Dig Laws Require Response after Excavation Site has Been Painted and Flagged

Chanhassen, Minnesota (June 25, 2014) – Once every six minutes nationwide, a utility line is damaged by digging. These damages can cause injury and possible death to anyone in the area in question. To help avoid these situations, many states throughout the U.S. have in acted new call before you dig laws to emphasis the importance of safe digging practices. One portion of these laws typically includes a Positive Response law. This requires a locator to send a response to either the excavator or call before you dig/ One Call Center alerting them that a locate has been completed, or area to be excavated has been marked with paint and flags to signify underground utilities in the area of excavation.

KorTerra, the damage prevention industry software provider, added a feature within its KorWeb Ticket Management software that allows for owners and operators of underground utilities the capability of sending a response of a completed locate to both an excavator and One Call Center. This product also allows for the user to monitor their Positive Response messages ensuring that their messages are sent and received.

“ It’s important for owners and operators of underground utilities to not only comply with state and federal laws, but to also ensure that their employees as well as those involved in excavation stay safe,” said KorTerra President, Chris Stendal. “This is why KorTerra created an Automated Positive Response Feature within our KorWeb application. It allows for users to easily send and monitor positive response messages helping to lessen the chance of disastrous line damages.”

Many owners and operators of underground utilities are currently using email and paper tickets to manage their call before you dig tickets. Because of this, it may be difficult to manage positive response to ensure that safe excavation can take place. Using software like KorTerra’s KorWeb Ticket Management, users can automatically send this response upon the completion of a one call ticket, eliminating extra paper work and possible human error.

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