KorTerra, Inc. Announces Creation of New Damage Prevention Search Engine Called CGA VAULT

Minneapolis (May 30, 2013) – The damage prevention industry, which is focused on promoting safe digging practices, is unveiling a new search engine called CGA VAULT. The CGA VAULT was created by the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Technology Committee and KorTerra, a Chanhassen, Minn. software company. The website was created specifically for excavators, utility organizations, pipeline companies and any businesses that have underground facilities, as a tool to find information surrounding damage prevention technologies and safe digging best practices.

“We were honored to be involved with the technology committee on this project. KorTerra is a damage prevention advocate, therefore helping on this project was an easy decision for us,” said KorTerra Vice President of Operations and CGA Technology Committee Chair, Jeff Law.

The creation of the search engine came from the CGA Technology Committee identifying an issue many in the damage prevention industry were discovering; the lack of focused information about the industry. Search engines like Google and Bing were too broad in their results, thus causing frustration in the industry. CGA VAULT was created to alleviate the difficulty in finding this information with a search engine built for the damage prevention industry.

The CGA VAULT allows users to search organically for any damage prevention related topic they choose. It also has predetermined fields to search including: categories, best practices, root causes and stakeholders. Each of these topics incorporate drop down menus with defined search criteria pertaining to the topic. Any number of sub-topics can be chosen to further refine search results. Over 350 different products/services have been included in the initial launch of the search engine. It is the committee’s goal to continue to build on the entries in the database through contributions from businesses that serve the industry.

“Companies can easily add their products and services to the site, making it easy for them to not only advertise their technologies, but to inform the public of who they are,” Law said.

The search engine was demonstrated to the public in March at the 2013 CGA Conference and Expo. Within the next few months, KorTerra plans to unveil a feature in the system which will allow users to comment on the products and services found within the search engine.

Visit www.cga-vault.com to view the CGA VAULT.

KorTerra, Inc. Spreads Safe Digging Awareness

Minneapolis (August 7, 2013) – Every year on Aug. 11 or calendar date 8/11, people around the U.S. celebrate National 811 Day, a holiday set as a reminder to both homeowners and excavators to always call 811, or contact their state one call center online, before starting a digging project. 811 is the national three-digit calling code mandated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for excavators or homeowners to connect with a one call center in their state before they dig. In addition to calling, one call centers also provide the option to submit dig their information online. Whether by phone or online, safe digging always means contacting a one call center before beginning an excavation project.

KorTerra, along with many other members of the underground utility damage prevention industry, will be celebrating National 811 Day to spread the 811 safe digging message by involving employees in several 811 related activities. For instance, KorTerra will be hosting an 811 trivia game, where participants not only have the chance to win 811 related prizes, but also test their knowledge about safe digging practices among other activities.

“Every 8 minutes, a utility line is struck somewhere in our country, potentially causing injury as well as property damage and service disruption. That is why it’s important for both homeowners and professional excavators to be made aware of the 811 safe digging message,” said KorTerra President, Chris Stendal. “Contacting your state one call center before you dig not only helps to avoid costly accidents but can also save lives.”

To find out more about the 811 safe digging message or KorTerra, visit www.call811.com and www.korterra.com.

KorTerra, Inc. Hosts Software User Conference

Minneapolis (September 6, 2013) – Utility damage prevention software provider and one call center solutions company, KorTerra, will host an educational conference this fall for current users of its Web-based damage prevention software, KorWeb. The conference will take place from Oct. 7-9 at Mystic Lake Casino and Hotel in Prior Lake, Minn.

KorWeb Ticket Management is a comprehensive software application used by utility companies, pipeline companies and municipalities to manage one call tickets received from a one call center after an upcoming excavation is reported. Tickets are sent to a KorWeb user’s system if that company has underground facilities in the excavation area. If the company finds their underground utilities are near the area where the digging will take place, they mark the underground utility location with either paint or flags.

The KorWeb User Conference will allow for KorWeb users from around the country to learn about new, upcoming advances to the software, along with tips from the KorTerra software support team. There will also be an excavation damage prevention industry update given by Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Director of Program Development, Khrysanne Kerr, and a current client case study session which will be presented by two different KorWeb users.

“We look forward to seeing our users in person and hearing their ideas on the features and capabilities they are looking for in the software. We greatly value the input of our users and are excited to share new advances with them, as well as educate them about KorWeb best practices,” said KorTerra President, Chris Stendal.

To learn more about KorWeb and the KorWeb user conference, visit www.korterra.com.

KorTerra, Inc. Introduces New Ticket Entry Management Software for Excavators

Minneapolis (November 19, 2013) – KorTerra, a damage prevention software and one call center solutions company, has introduced a new Web-based ticket entry and workflow management software for excavators called KorExcavator. This software streamlines the excavation process by allowing users to maintain overall operations from pre-planning to excavation to post-work activities, all from one application.

KorExcavator’s capabilities empower the user to submit one call tickets, or call before you dig tickets, from the KorExcavator software directly to a state one call center. While managing a busy workload, excavators and their management team must keep track of many moving pieces as well as follow all excavation safety measures. Utilizing an online workflow management tool helps automate many excavation safety practices, preventing disastrous events caused by missed safety steps.

Users of KorExcavator can schedule ticket submissions online, creating several different tickets at once, which alleviates the tedious task of creating and sending tickets individually. Once the information is submitted to the one call center, KorExcavator receives a copy of the one call center ticket so the excavator can match this to the original data sent, ensuring all information provided to utilities with underground facilities in the dig area is correct.

KorExcavator is mobile friendly, allowing excavators access to the software from the excavation site using a smartphone or tablet. Users can easily upload any pictures, video or other media needed along with submitting a ticket onsite. After an excavation is completed, users also have reports made available to easily generate company analytics. The attachment and reporting tools are not only beneficial to a company’s business intelligence, it also allows for the excavator to have proof of an excavation in the case that a damage occurs and legal action is taken against the excavator.

“KorExcavator offers those in the excavation industry a more comprehensive approach to managing their everyday operations,” said KorTerra President, Chris Stendal. “Helpful features such as viewing tickets on a map and centralized data storage enhance the excavation process and provide users insight into optimizing performance.”

This product is initially being offered to excavators in Minnesota, with future plans to provide throughout the U.S. To find out more about KorExcavator, visit http://www.korterra.com/ticket-management/korexcavator.

KorTerra Announces Plans to Exhibit at this Year’s Canadian Common Ground Alliance Damage Prevention Symposium

Chanhassen, Minn. (October 27, 2014) –KorTerra Inc., the leading underground utility damage prevention software provider, has announced that it will be an exhibitor at this year’s 2nd annual Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA) Damage Prevention Symposium. This symposium will take place Oct. 28-29 in Banff, Alberta.

At the CCGA Damage Prevention Symposium, KorTerra will showcase its ticket management software application, KorWeb and its Automated 360 Response feature. This feature allows for users to easily send notification that an area of proposed excavation has been painted or flagged to a One Call Center. Once the One Call Center has this information, the excavator of the area in question can view the response on the

One Call Center’s website to ensure that it is safe to begin digging.

“We are excited to have the chance to unveil KorWeb to those in the Canadian damage prevention community that may not have previous knowledge of the product,” KorTerra President, Chris Stendal said.

Along with the CCGA Damage Prevention Symposium, KorTerra attends several industry related events as exhibitors. Next month, KorTerra representatives will be in attendance at the Mississippi Damage Prevention Summit taking place in Philadelphia, Miss. from Nov. 5-7 as well as the Missouri Common Ground Alliance Damage Prevention Summit in Columbia, Mo. Nov. 5-6.

This month, KorTerra representatives will also be attending the American Public Works Association Fall conference in Minnesota along with the Common Ground Alliance One Call Systems International Committee meeting taking place in Las Vegas.

To view more information about the CCGA Damage Prevention Symposium click here. To also view a list of the upcoming trade show events KorTerra is planning to attend, click here.

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