Exposed underground utility pipeline

Incident Manager

Incident Manager makes the process of collecting information regarding underground facility damages quick and easy. This application allows users to obtain all of the information needed for analysis and evidence in recovering the cost of a damage. Created for excavators and owners/operators of underground facilities, this application can be used in the office or on-the-go, on a laptop or any mobile device.


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incident manager ipad sized betterStreamlined Data Collection

Incident Manager can be used at the site of an incident from any mobile device. The application is designed to collect temporary information in a quick and efficient manner. Data collection features within Incident Manager include:

  • Perishable data: This is any evidence that has to be documented quickly, including pictures and video of the site. These can be attached within the application.
  • Witness interviews: This feature allows for the person documenting the damage to quickly collect any witness interviews immediately following the incident.
  • Damage: Users can access and document the exact extent of the incident in question.

An additional feature found in Incident Manager is the ability to sketch all aspects of the incident within the application. Using the Sketch Tool, investigators can easily sketch a rendering of the incident. The rendering can be sketched on a map of the site as well. Users can show details such as where the incident occurred, where witnesses were at the time the incident occurred and other critical information. Users can perform multiple sketches, attaching them to the case once the sketch has been completed.

Case Management

Every organization has different business processes regarding underground facility incidents. These processes may include using several different applications to manage one case. Incident Manager gathers everything from initial call data to excavation and locate information from the One Call Center. Original one call ticket data can be collected automatically through the applications interface with our damage prevention software, KorWeb, or can be easily documented from other applications. All of this can be done within one application!

Incident Manager also allows users to manage several cases at once. The search tool within the application includes a map pinpointing cases based on the case status. Clickable pinpoints found on the map allow users to choose an area where a damage occurred, and to click onto the chosen pinpoint which then brings them to a page detailing all of the information collected regarding that specific incident.

Business Intelligence

A Detail Report is available within the application. This report gives a snap shot of all information collected regarding an incident or all incidents reported and completed. Once the report has been generated, it can be easily exported for internal purposes in PDF format. The Detail Report also allows users to see the exact location the incident occurred on a map and any photos or media that were attached during the initial data collection.


Shovel sticking up in dirt pileThrough its CGA DIRT (Damage Information Reporting Tool) interface, users can easily extract the information needed for reporting from Incident Manager for submission to DIRT, eliminating the extra time it takes to compile this information from different applications.


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