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  • KorWeb Software Suite

    KorWeb is an 811 ticket management system created to increase efficiency in locating and ticket processing, while cutting costs by eliminating unnecessary manual processes.

    KorWeb is used by contract locators, One Call Centers, utilities, municipalities and pipeline companies to protect underground facilities, prevent service interruptions and allow excavators and homeowners to dig safely.

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    KorWeb Features

    Below are a few of the features and values your organization can experience with KorWeb. KorTerra also provides a set of additional applications that can be implemented into KorWeb to manage Positive Response, view facility maps, and incorporate a wireless mobile solution.

    We have two editions of KorWeb - standard and advanced. Compare both versions




    My Dashboard and System Dashboard were developed specifically with the user in mind, enhancing individual and operational ticket management. Various interactive widgets are available to customize the user environment which provides users with quick access to active and completed tickets.
    Facility Mapping

    Facility Mapping

    Provide crucial asset information to your field technicians. With Facility Mapping, we integrate your company’s GIS map data within the KorWeb interface. Immediately compare your One Call ticket notification area to your underground assets and access the map from any device through a single application.

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    Enhanced Ticket Screening

    Enhanced Ticket Screening

    Save significant time, minimize labor, and track your process with KorWeb’s Enhanced Ticket Screening capabilities. This sophisticated feature allows you to instantly view the data you need for quick reference: work-queues, widgets, maps, ticket detail, all on a single screen. You can also control how screeners access the queue and track how long it takes them to screen individual tickets. Experience substantial efficiencies by improving your screening outcomes and reducing the volume of tickets that require manual review.

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    Automated Ticket Routing and Dispatching

    KorWeb can greatly reduce or even eliminate manual processes previously required to route and dispatch utility locate tickets. The system can sort and distribute locate tickets based on predefined rules provided by the KorWeb client. Such rules could include sorting locate tickets by geographic area (e.g. latitude and longitude), township or CDC code. When a locate ticket is received by KorWeb, the system knows who to send it to and automatically dispatches that locate ticket, with no manual processes involved whatsoever.

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    Automated Action Workflows

    Trigger various actions like sending emails and texts or placing web service calls to create work orders in other systems. Based on information your locator provides, KorWeb will automatically perform any of these actions you have configured. Our users find this is especially powerful when coupled with our Custom Completion Screens, allowing you to gather, track and report on company-specific information in the field.

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    Custom Completion Screen

    Customize your completion screen to collect information specific to your damage prevention processes, ensuring all internal, regulatory, and public outreach activities are recorded. By gathering specific locate data, all actions taken in the field can be tracked and reported on for internal and compliance purposes.

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    Enhance your audit trail with photographs and other documentation you can upload from any device and keep attached to your ticket forever.

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    Reporting and advanced reporting catapult your business capabilities beyond ticket efficiency. Customized reporting gives you the tools to improve your decision-making and optimize performance.

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    Automated Positive Response

    Automatically send a Positive Response to One Call Center, the excavator, or both. Have instant access to all the Positive Response messages you’ve sent, and conduct reporting on failed responses. Eliminate steps in sending and clearing tickets.

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    Mapped Search Results

    View current or historic ticket locations on a customizable map to optimize workload balance and create efficiency for locator routes.

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    Clarify the content in your images and other audit trail documentation with additional notes, shapes, arrows, or free-hand drawings. This tool works from your desktop or mobile device.

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    Region District Security

    Region District Security provides your organization with the security you need to restrict access and visibility across both your office and field personnel.

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    Utility to Contract Locator Interface

    This tool offers you complete peace of mind with control over the receipt and dispatching of tickets, and the positive response to OCC. One Call Center tickets are sent to KorWeb where you can either review tickets to disperse manually, or automatically forward tickets to a contract locator. You maintain full visibility of all tickets, and you have a record of them for any reports you need to run.

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    Automated Emergency Notification

    KorWeb automatically emails, pages, or sends a text message to users to alert them of emergency locate tickets. When KorWeb receives the emergency locate ticket, a notification is immediately dispatched by the system without any manual process involved. Notification can be sent to multiple people and the system can differentiate which people to send to based on the time of day. For example, there might be a different person or group of people contacted after 5:00 PM than would be contacted during the day.


    KorTerra runs a daily audit of locate tickets received, missing locate tickets and unexpected tickets for all KorWeb users. If a user would like to receive this complimentary report, they simply let KorTerra know, and we email a daily PDF listing any ticket discrepancies found specifically within their organization.

    Electronic Ticket History and Ticket Searching

    KorWeb ticket management saves and archives all locate tickets electronically, leaving you with a 100% accurate record of all locate tickets completed. Locate tickets are easily searched for in either the Production Database, which is for eighteen month ticket information storage, or the Archive Database, which stores locate tickets for the long term. Your data is never lost or erased, making the system much more reliable and easy to search than a paper locate ticket tracking system.

    Cloud Hosted

    KorTerra’s software runs in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment and is monitored and maintained by our dedicated Cloud Operations team. Using Microsoft’s Azure cloud allows our customers to benefit from unlimited scalability, automatic data redundancy and survivability, and the peace of mind knowing that the applications and data reside in a truly world class environment with security provided by Microsoft and other top vendors. KorTerra’s Cloud Operations team monitors all operations and performance of the system with 7/24/365 monitoring tools including AI tools that can detect any anomalies and highlight potential problems before they happen.


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  • KorWeb Advanced dashboard shown on desktop

    KorWeb Editions

    KorTerra offers KorWeb Ticket Management for utilities, pipelines, locators and municipalities to manage their incoming one call locate tickets. All versions of KorWeb provide ticket receiving, processing, sorting, storing and ticket completion online. By packaging different levels of technology and features in the two KorWeb editions, users are given the ability to select which option best fits their damage prevention processes.

    KorWeb: KorWeb is a robust set of ticket management functions used by utilities and locators. The system accommodates multiple locators and multiple geographic areas, all accessing their company data through one KorWeb database. Transferring tickets, sharing ticket information and company-wide reporting are common in this edition.

    KorWeb Advanced: KorWeb Advanced provides all the features of KorWeb, plus additional advanced reporting and communications features. KorWeb Advanced is designed for the exporting and analysis of specialized data. This edition may appeal to users who need to collect various damage prevention data and interpret for business intelligence purposes. Advanced reporting also allows management an in depth view of company operations, which may help in decision making, cutting costs and identifying areas of improvement.


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    Features Standard Advanced Enterprise
    Ticket Receiving & Dispatch      
    Automated Ticket Dispatching & Routing

    Map Based Routing Optional Optional

    Client Branding  

    Ticket Screening Optional Optional Optional
    Time Based Routing  

    Ticket Messenger Optional Optional Optional
    Email Tickets to Users

    XML FTP & Email Ticket Reception

    Mobile Capabilities      
    KorWeb App  Optional Optional

    Mobile Client Optional Optional Optional
    Ticket Monitoring      
    My Dashboard

    System Dashboard  

    Automated Emergency Notification

    Multi User Ticket Notifications  

    Nightly Ticket Reception Auditing

    Ticket Audit Trail

    Ticket Views & Completion      
    Attachments Optional Optional

    Automated Action Workflows Optional Optional Optional
    Custom Due Date Indicators  

    Due Date Extension  

    Enhanced Ticket Sort  

    Sketching Optional Optional Optional
    Positive Response to Excavator (Email) Optional Optional

    Positive Response to Excavator (Email + Fax) Optional Optional Optional
    Positive Response to Excavator (Email + Fax + Voice) Optional Optional Optional
    Positive Response to Excavator with Attachments Optional Optional Optional
    Positive Response to One Call Center

    Automated Positive Response

    Partial Ticket Completion (Projects)

    Project Ticket Tracking

    Configurable Locate Action Codes

    Standard One Call Ticket Display Format

    Unified Ticket Display (KorTerra Format)  

    Ticket Type Differentiation (Emergency, Meet, Routine)

    Ticket Completion Remarks

    Work Order Entry  

    Work to Begin Indicators

    Facility Mapping Optional Optional

    Map Based Routing Optional Optional

    Standard Base Map

    Enhanced Base Map Optional

    Mapped Dig Box

    Moveable Dig Marker  

    Map Annotations Optional Optional Optional
    Standard Ticket Search (Dispatch Box)

    Advanced Ticket Search

    Search Results Displayed on a Map

    Reporting & Auditing      
    Audit Discrepancy Report

    One Call Audit Report

    Detail by Member Code

    Detail by Operator

    Detail by Mobile

    Latest by Member Code

    KorTerra Billing Optional Optional Optional
    KorTerra Payroll Optional Optional Optional
    Summary by Member Code

    Summary by Operator

    Summary by Mobile

    Summary by Month by Member Code  

    Summary by Month by Member Code by Operator  

    Summary by Month by Operator  

    Summary by Month by Mobile  

    Late Tickets by Member Code

    Late Tickets by Month by Member Code  

    Late Tickets by Month by Mobile  

    Late Tickets by Operator

    Late Tickets by Mobile

    Ticket Detail

    Tickets Received Detail

    Tickets Received Summary by District

    Tickets Received Summary by Mobile

    Tickets Received Summary by City

    Tickets Received Summary by Priority

    Custom Reporting Tool ($)*  

    Exportable Reports (Excel & PDF)

    Quality Assurance Auditing

    Minimum 6 Years’ Worth of Online Data Storage

    Business Intelligence      
    Attachment Disk Usage Widget  

    Multi-Mobile Ticket Map Widget  

    Multi-Mobile Ticket Radar Map Widget  

    My Completion Types Widget  

    My Open Tickets by Due Date Widget  

    My Team Open Tickets by Due Date Widget  

    My Teams’ Late Ticket Trends Widget  

    My Teams’ Tickets Widget  

    My Tickets Widget

    Note to Self Widget

    Open Tickets Widget

    Open vs. Completed Today Widget  

    Multi-Mobile Ticket Radar Map Widget  

    Phonebook Widget  

    Stopwatch Widget  

    Team Completion Types Widget  

    Team Open vs. Completed Today Widget  

    Ticket Load Balancing Widget  

    Tickets Transmitted in Past Week Widget  

    Weather Widget  

    Reporting & Auditing

    Public Awareness      
    Public Awareness Program Optional Optional Optional
    System Integration      
    Custom Completion Screen Optional Optional Optional
    Custom System Interface Optional Optional Optional
    KorWeb Stand Alone Environment Optional Optional Optional
    Utility to Contractor Interface Optional Optional

    Custom Defined Priorities  

    Defined Region & Districts  

    Region District Security Optional Optional

    Phone Book

    Operator Maintenance   

    Support for Unlimited Numbers of Users

    Upgrades & Maintenance

    Exclusive Access to KorTerra Member Area

    Online Training Videos

    Onsite Client Training Optional Optional Optional
    Virtual Training Optional Optional Optional
    Data Security       
    Data Center Redundancy 

    Data Integrity

    Network Redundancy

    Server Redundancy

    * $ additional fee may be required depending on desired use of feature


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  • KorWeb Mobile Suite

    Give field users the advantages of KorWeb from anywhere. Our mobile options give you the ability to complete, organize, and optimize tickets on the go. Stay on task and updated, even when you lose your internet connection.

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    No wi-fi, no problem. The KorWeb App streamlines ticket processing, enabling users to complete their work on their phones or tablets regardless of an internet connection. The map displays all the user’s tickets, organizing them according to ticket priority, and provides driving directions between locations. The app automatically syncs with the KorWeb software, providing an instant response to new ticket information. The app has a logical flow, making it very intuitive and easy to learn.


    • Manage tickets while in the field
    • Eliminate extended travel times with map view
    • Submit Positive Response from place of locate
    • Attach photos, videos, and other documentation to tickets directly from mobile device


    • Provides real-time data for all the maps integrated on the platform
    • Displays all of the asset and location information you need on one map—no switching back and forth between screens
    • Includes functioning address zoom, latitude/longitude zoom, and measuring tool
    • Identifies how the One Call notification area relates to your underground assets
    • Annotate your mapping with notes and features to increase screening and locating efficiency

    Windows Mobile Client

    KorTerra Windows Mobile Client allows locators to work in any location, with or without a wireless connection. All locate tickets are uploaded onto the mobile device through a wireless internet connection. The mobile device continues to receive updated information, such as new locate tickets, through that wireless connection. Should that connection ever be lost, KorTerra Mobile Client allows the user to keep working as if they were still connected.

    New data can continue to be stored by the locator, and is saved in a queue to be sent back to their One Call ticket management system, until a connection is restored. Whenever a wireless internet connection returns, all saved data will be transferred automatically and new data, such as new tickets to locate, will be delivered to the mobile.


    • Locate without a live internet connection
    • Sort tickets in locate order 
    • View tickets & maps in the field
    • Audio alert for emergency ticket

  • Attachments

    Photos, videos, and other documentation are vital pieces of the locate process. Digitally attach any supporting/explanatory evidence to your ticket with KorWeb Attachments. The tool lets you easily record extra notes and capture them for your audit trail. You’ll have a permanent digital record of locate practices without the clutter of excess files.attachments laptop


    Product Sheet



    • Photo, video, and document attachment
    • Ticket/locate association
    • Mobile capabilities



    • Improved locate/ticket integrity
    • Elimination of physical documents
    • Improved damage claims process
    • Real time uploads


    Reducing the Size of Your Images

    KorTerra has also created photo Attachment Compression options to save attachment feature users space for more photo, video and document attachments. Learn more about compressing your attachments.

  • Sketching feature shown on tabletSketching

    Provide clarity to your photos and other attachments with the KorWeb Sketching function. These notations can directly improve the damage reporting process and excavator safety. Add text, shapes, arrows, or custom drawings to maps and images stored in the ticket. The marks stay with the ticket and are stored in the Cloud on a file that’s separate from the original attachment.  Sketching works on a desktop and any mobile device, so you can upload your sketch at the time of locate or when you return to the office.


    Product Sheet



    • Draw, highlight or add text to further customize pictures & maps
    • Attach a "sketched" photo directly to the ticket on your mobile device
    • Store sketches as attachments, eliminating paper documentation
    • Adds visual information to improve safety & damage processes
  • custom completion ipadCustom Completion Screen

    Different customers – different completion screens. After completing a locate ticket, the completion screen in a ticket management system allows users to collect information about the locate ticket. Typical ticket completion screens record completion date, completion time, positive response, action code and visit remarks. Using either KorWeb or KorTerra Enterprise, you can customize the completion screen to collect information about your damage prevention process such as public awareness activities or internal company checklists. This additional data helps to meet internal, regulatory, and public outreach activity requirements across your entire organization.



    • Collects data specific to your damage prevention process
    • Requires data collection and validates input
    • Unlimited number of fields and values you can add
    • Flexible reporting
  • map based routing desktop transparentAutomated Ticket Routing and Dispatching

    Create a visual approach to your workload and generate cost-saving efficiencies by drawing your own polygons. Automated Ticket Routing and Dispatching is the ultimate tool to efficiently route and dispatch your tickets. It surpasses the traditional method of data-routed tickets with its additional capability of organizing tickets by geography. Map-Based Routing gives users the ability to draw their own polygons on a map to designate where tickets should flow. This provides a routing option that leverages a visual approach to their workload and creates efficiencies that result in costs savings. Reporting and analytics are available for individual and multiple ticket flow areas.

    The polygons automate your process for more efficient ticket routing and distinguishes between internal and external locates. You’ll get real-time ticket information for each area, allowing you to quickly update your action plans and protect your facilities. This is a great way for medium to large companies to maintain their boundaries geographically.


    Product Sheet



    • Intuitive map-based interface
    • Ability to upload existing shapefiles with ticket flow areas into KorWeb
    • Auto-route tickets to the best mobile
    • Define separate locate areas for multiple locators
    • Analyze statistics per ticket flow area (e.g. number of marked vs. cleared locates)



    • Improve efficiency by automatically routing tickets to the best mobile in the field
    • Minimize manual ticket dispatching
    • Receive real-time ticket information for each polygon to quickly update your action plans
    • Protect high profile facilities
    • Numerous options for reporting and analytics maximize your ability to balance workload quickly and easily


  • Facility Mapping feature screenshotFacility Mapping

    Provide crucial asset information to your field technicians. With Facility Mapping, KorTerra can host or we can integrate your company’s GIS map data within the KorWeb interface. Immediately compare your One Call ticket notification area to your underground assets and access the map from any device through a single application. KorWeb also captures data instantaneously, providing real-time information for your screeners and locators. Dispatchers get accurate information to better screen tickets and your locators will see all your facilities as they relate to the One Call Center notification area. Facility Mapping also has the flexibility to integrate with any GIS platform, like ESRI, to merge all the information you need onto one map.


    Product Sheet



    • Shapefiles/Web Map Service (WMS)
    • View attribute data
    • Map annotations
    • Zoom to address and latitude/longitude
    • GPS integration to show locator location



    • Provides real-time data for all the maps integrated on the platform
    • Displays all of the asset and location information you need on one screen
    • Includes functioning address zoom, latitude/longitude zoom, and measuring tool
    • Identifies how the One Call notification area relates to your underground assets
    • Allows annotations, globally visible to the customer as a separate layer, that increase screening and locating efficiency
    • Offers tools to identify facility attributes through the mapping view and can link back to the GIS platform to view additional facility data

    Streamline your workflow with maps that include your facility data, accessible wherever you are.


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