Utility to Contractor Interface

Utility to Contractor Locator Interface

Hold contractors accountable and reduce locate costs while ensuring a single point of tracking for all One Call data. Instead of a contract locator receiving a utility company’s tickets directly from a One Call Center, the tickets can be sent to KorWeb and either reviewed or automatically forwarded to a contract locator. Utility companies can then evaluate tickets that may not need to be located, reducing overall locate time and cost. Once the ticket is complete, a two-way interface allows the contract locator to send the completion information back to the utility company, giving them a full record of all tickets sent and completed.


  • Automatically forward tickets to your contract locator based on criteria you choose
  • Screen tickets prior to forwarding them to your contract locator
  • Automatically receive completion information back from your contract locator
  • All ticket data is stored in your KorWeb database
  • Search and report on your ticket data including contractor locator completions
  • Maintain a full circle record of ticket history