Powerful underground utility protection

  • Maximize the efficiency of locate teams-1.png

    Maximize efficiency of locate teams to ensure accuracy and profitability

  • prioritize tickets based on their status-2.png

    Automate ticket workflows by dispersing and prioritizing tickets based on status, location, time of day, etc. 

  • Reduce liability and create documentation around work performed -3.png

    Reduce liability, create documentation for work with use of photo attachments

  • Elevates the right tickets to reduce risk-4 .png

    Elevate the right tickets to reduce risk and easily identify which tickets should be prioritized for audit

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  • Proactively identify the highest risk tickets-1.svg

    Proactively identify the highest risk tickets to ensure business practices related to these tickets reflect the magnitude of the risk

  • Create a repository of visual evidence-2.svg

    Create a repository of visual evidence to reduce risk and organizational liability

  • Provide excavators with a positive response-3.png

    Provide confirmation of locate completion to excavators and one call centers to ensure timely communication summarizing locate work prior to digs

  • Leverage a comprehensive workflow-4.png

    Leverage a comprehensive workflow to support the tracking and management of all incidents

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  • Strengthen workforce performance-1 .svg

    Generate cost savings by decreasing unnecessary on-site locates through ticket screening

  • Reduce the large costs associated with unnecessary truck rolls-2.svg

    Reduce the large costs associated with unnecessary truck rolls by identifying tickets that do not need to be located

  • Leverage GIS mapping data-3.svg

    Leverage GIS mapping data to ensure field staff are armed with comprehensive site data that enables locate work to be performed efficiently and accurately

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Client Centricity is at Our Core

We are proud of our 98%+ customer retention. Our team of industry subject matter experts works closely with our clients to ensure they are getting the full value from our products.

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  • We met with a large public utility organization and they spoke very highly of KorTerra. We had the opportunity to observe the way they utilize KorTerra and a variety of the features offered; it sold itself based on how comprehensive and user friendly it was.

    – Matt Limpert, WMS Program Manager
    City of Fort Wayne
  • We were the first in our area to implement a cloud-based ticket management system. KorTerra has resulted in time and cost savings as well as simplification of processes. We like that we can grow into the program as the Village gets bigger and demands change.

    – Colleen Chage, Public Works
    Village of South Elgin
  • KorTerra has made my job tremendously easier; I can’t imagine being in my line of work without it. I wouldn’t even want to attempt to use anything else!

    – Bo Womack, Owner
    Magnolia Brothers
  • This is the only software we use that I would fight tooth and nail not to lose. Thanks to KorTerra, we have complete confidence that all of our tickets are being handled and handled on time. In an industry where you only have 48 hours to respond, you can’t afford any down time.

    – Kristin Whitwam, Group Leader/Field Operations Support
    Connexus Energy
  • KorTerra’s software fulfills the varied needs of our distinct regions because it is so customizable and configurable. Both the KorTerra mobile app and desktop version are approachable and well-thought-out, and I can’t say enough about KorTerra’s customer support.

    – Cecilia Stewart, Damage Prevention Program Manager
    Enable Midstream Partners
  • I’ve always been a firm believer that if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. The automation and reporting capabilities we’ve gained since implementation have already provided tremendous value to our organization.

    – Erin Hayes, General Manager
    Kingbrook Rural Water System
  • Our processes have changed a great deal since implementation; leveraging KorTerra and certain enhancements has resulted in a very impressive YTD team average of 80 tickets screened per hour.

    – Craig Hilgenberg, Damage Prevention Supervisor
    Windstream Communications

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Helping you protect North America’s critical infrastructure while leveraging the right tools alongside the best industry practices.

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Providing comprehensive, turnkey solutions abd billing to maximize field locate activity as well as reduce risk to your customers’ assets. 

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Assisting utility providers with the management of high-profile locate requests of your organization’s most prominent assets.

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Delivering reliable damage prevention tools to maximize team efficiencies, stability of services, and profitability in an increasingly competitive market.

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Offering innovative, cost-effective solutions to help safeguard your community’s infrastructure now and in the future.

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Achieve damage prevention excellence by efficiently performing locates while reducing risk to your assets, staff, and the public

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