Productivity Management

As demand for 811 locate requests across North America accelerates, organizations with underground infrastructure face the challenge of optimizing operations, workforce, and asset protection. Our productivity management solutions empower your organization to achieve maximum efficiency and capitalize on growth potential. With features like Facility Mapping, Map-Based Routing, and the KorTerra Field App, you can confidently navigate the complexities of managing your assets while achieving exceptional performance and unlocking new opportunities for success.



  • Reduce late locates with precise routing and by ensuring that office and field staff have the right visibility and communication tools

  • Streamline workflows with integrated facility data, accessible wherever your field teams are located

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Decreased Spending

  • Screen tickets where assets aren’t at risk, resulting in less truck rolls and significant cost savings

  • Reduce costs related to damages by providing your field staff with accurate, real-time facility data

  • Lessen operating expenses by identifying workforce inefficiencies

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  • Dive into all aspects of productivity with extensive reporting and analytics

  • Increase operational visibility to help identify business growth opportunities

  • Access the data most crucial to you from any location with any device you prefer

  • Amplify workforce performance and manage the productivity of your teams through a single dashboard screen 

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Discover compelling success stories where our tools have revolutionized operations for our customers

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Oil and Gas

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Magellan Midstream Partners has experienced the full benefits of established uniformity and streamlined processes throughout their organization.

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Contract Locator

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As a result of using KorTerra for ticket management, Precision Locating has experienced a significant increase in billing and reporting accuracy.

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Kingbrook Rural Water has experienced streamlined operations and processes in the field and the office.

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MCNC has decreased damages and related costs by over 90% since implementing KorTerra. 

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Since implementing KorTerra, the City of Fort Wayne has experienced an immense increase in overall productivity.

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