Contract Locators

Are your locators able to perform their work efficiently and accurately and can you quickly scale to meet customer demand? Is your organization equipped with the tools to help your business grow profitably? With growing demand in the fast-paced, competitive contract locating industry, having the right technologies to manage your high volume, tight turnaround time work is critical. KorTerra provides the tools contract locators need to maximize field locate activity and reduce risk to your customer’s assets. 




  • Manage and monitor staff performance from a centralized dashboard
  • Keep your customers up to speed with time tracking, billing, and invoicing  
  • Provide extra attention to tagged high consequence locates or risky excavators
  • Identify opportunities for process improvements that maximize operational efficiency with reporting and analytics 
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  • Increase your field locate activity by 20+ percent 
  • Avoid late locates and associated fines with alerts that help keep your staff on schedule
  • Reduce damages and risk to underground facilities 
  • Save time and money by identifying and clearing tickets where there is no conflict between the excavation area and customer facilities
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Mobile Field Enablement

  • Efficiently route and mobilize your field locators with technology that connects you anywhere, anytime 
  • Keep up with your high-volume workload while maintaining ticket integrity  
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How are leading contract locators in the damage prevention industry utilizing KorTerra? 

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Locate Management

By integrating Locate Management into your operations, you gain insights into the status and progress of your locates, enabling you to make informed decisions and allocate resources with precision. The KorTerra Field app provides your field workers with a user-friendly platform to access ticket details, submit completions, and plan their routes. Locate Management can revolutionize how you manage your locate tickets, optimizing productivity and ultimately driving success for your operations.

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Productivity Management

Productivity Management offers a suite of cutting-edge tools and solutions designed to empower organizations to achieve peak efficiency and precision in their operations. By harnessing the power of these tools, businesses can streamline their workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and optimize resource allocation to meet and exceed their needs. Whether it's automating repetitive tasks, implementing data-driven decision-making processes, or leveraging KorTerra Field, Productivity Management enables businesses to stay agile and responsive in today's dynamic marketplace.

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Take control of your operations and unlock the power of KorTerra's industry-leading technology.

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Case Studies

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Magnolia Brothers Utility Consultants

KorTerra Advantage: Locate Management and Productivity Management

Magnolia Brothers offers utility consulting services and is the exclusive provider of utility locates for one of the largest privately held wireless carriers in the United States. Employing a team of 19 locators, Magnolia Brothers processes upwards of 136,000 tickets annually. 

Having a considerable amount of experience with damage prevention and locate ticket management systems in the utility industry, the owner of Magnolia Brothers knew exactly what he was looking for in a ticket management solution. Magnolia Brothers utilized KorTerra since its inception to ensure thorough documentation of work throughout a far-reaching territory, extensive audit capabilities and archived data to establish one source of truth, tools to increase locators’ ability to operate as a team, and 24/7 visibility for team members and stakeholders.    


  • Locators provided complete documentation of work augmented by attachments that tell the whole story, without having to worry about distribution or storage of attachments.      
  • Audit capabilities and archived records ensured the protection of all stakeholders in the event of a damage. 
  • Defined areas of responsibility throughout a vast territory and real time access to integrated maps while in the field allowed locators to work more effectively.    
  • Emergency notifications assured the right personnel were alerted immediately and able to respond promptly.

Win #1
At-fault damages reduced by over 50% through enhanced reporting and records of assets 

Win #2
Implemented a single software solution to coordinate entire operation 

Win #3
Detailed reporting metrics and invoices effortlessly provided to utility clients for account management

As a result of using KorTerra for ticket management, Magnolia Brothers experienced full visibility throughout the organization. Magnolia Brothers is also able to provide end clients with increased transparency and detailed insight into field operations. KorTerra’s reporting capabilities allowed for billing of several types of completed locates (routine, maintenance, emergency) in addition to engineering tasks. Implementation of KorTerra resulted in time and cost savings for Magnolia Brothers, as well as an increased ability for locators to work efficiently.

“KorTerra has made my job tremendously easier; I can’t imagine being in my line of work without it. I wouldn’t even want to attempt to use anything else!”

- Bo Womack, Owner, Magnolia Brothers Utility Consultants

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Precision Locating

KorTerra Advantage: Locate Management, Risk Management, and Productivity Management

Precision Locating, a subsidiary of Arvig based in Perham, Minnesota, performs all locates for Arvig in addition to other clients. Arvig was established in 1950 and is now one of the largest independent telecommunications and broadband providers in the nation offering internet, phone, and security services.


Precision Locating has expanded from initially performing 30,000 locates per year to greater than 175,000 tickets per year. This substantial growth led to an increased need for heightened efficiency, visibility, and overall productivity. Precision Locating sought a damage prevention solution that would not only increase protection of assets but streamline operations throughout the organization. 


  • Increased visibility into productivity by employee, client, and ticket type 
  • Identification of time and cost savings opportunities organization-wide
  • Significant increase in billing and reporting accuracy
  • Elimination of ambiguity surrounding fiber facilities

Win #1
20-24% year over year cost savings 

Win #2
Greater control of asset protection 

Win #3
100% increase in revenue assurance 

Leveraging KorTerra technology has allowed Precision Locating to identify and eliminate unnecessary steps in processes, effectively streamlining operations company-wide. In addition to generating time and cost savings, asset protection and revenue assurance have increased significantly. Managers, technicians, and office personnel have true insight into where tickets stand in the process at any given moment. Visibility is maximized and as a result, so are protection and productivity.

"KorTerra has eliminated unnecessary processes and middlemen by empowering our locators to take care of tickets independently, from start to finish."

- Staci Malikowski, Chief Financial Officer, Precision Locating