Telecommunications providers are tasked with maintaining a balanced approach to 811 ticket management and damage prevention that simultaneously ensures the stability of their services, the efficiency of their teams, and the protection of their most high-value assets in an increasingly competitive market. 

In today's landscape, the dependability of services offered by telecom enterprises holds greater significance than ever before. KorTerra equips your team to harness growth opportunities, enhance workflow efficiency, and bolster the safeguarding underground assets.



  • Elevate operational productivity through real-time insights using the KorTerra Field App
  • Drive cost savings by screening unnecessary on-site locates 
  • Reduce late locates with precise routing and communication tools
  • Utilize historical data to inform asset deployment decisions
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Asset Protection

  • Protect your underground facilities with a preemptive approach to high consequence dig sites
  • Reduce damages by providing real-time facility data to your field staff
  • Deploy the correct assets to perform specific facility or high consequence locates as they are received
  • Address complex, high profile locates in house as necessary
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  • Heighten awareness related to historically problematic excavators
  • Establish uniformity across your organizational footprint
  • Eliminate operational inefficiencies with detailed reporting and analytics
  • Increase insight into real-time field activity
  • Maximize transparency in all aspects of operations both current and historical
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How are leading telecommunications companies leveraging KorTerra?

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Locate Management

Our Locate Management solution not only ensures accurate and timely locates but also empowers companies to extract valuable insights from their operations. By combining real-time visibility with data-driven strategies, our tool minimizes response times, prevents errors, and enhances safety compliance. Elevate your organization's operational efficiency and decision-making prowess, positioning yourself at the forefront of technological advancement with KorTerra's Locate Management tool tailored for the telecommunications industry.

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Productivity Management

Our Productivity Management solution extends transformative benefits across industries. Seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, advanced data analytics, and real-time insights, it empowers your teams to achieve maximum productivity while reducing costs by 20% or more. By optimizing workflows, automating manual processes, and harnessing the power of data-driven decision-making, our solution fosters efficiency and positions your organization for strategic success.

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Take control of your operations and unlock the power of KorTerra's industry-leading technology.

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Case Studies



KorTerra Advantage: Locate Management, Productivity Management, and Risk Management 

MCNC operates and manages nearly 4,500 miles of fiber optic infrastructure to support a robust and secure open access network. Since 1980, MCNC has provided an exclusive backbone network for technology solutions, innovation, and advancement across North Carolina.

Prior to implementing KorTerra, MCNC contracted their locating out to third parties. The 3rd party contractors they were leveraging were not demonstrating the necessary attention to detail or timely completion of locates of MCNC assets. These performance issues started resulting in 10-15 damages per year. Because of these issues, and the high costs of damages ($30,000-$75,000/damage), MCNC decided that they needed to bring the locating function in-house and they needed a ticket management solution to support this new team.


  • Map-Based Routing minimizes the need for manual ticket dispatching and saves valuable time for locators on the job.
  • Facility Mapping increases ticket efficiency with real-time map data accessible from the field.
  • Mobile functionality allows locators to use any device in any location for ticket management

Win #1
10-15 minutes saved per locate by using KorTerra in the field 

Win #2
10X reduction in damages (ONLY ONE at-fault damage in 2021) 

Win #3
Over 75% of damage costs saved annually 

By implementing KorTerra and bringing the process in-house, MCNC has decreased damages and related costs by over 90%. Additional benefits the organization has experienced include increased efficiency through integrated facility mapping, which allows locators to quickly and accurately complete locates. The ability to attach data and photos directly to the ticket also enables efficiency both on-site and for auditing purposes.  When meeting with the investigator at a damage site, MCNC staff can easily provide a precise history log with clear evidence. Overall, MCNC has increased productivity and reduced damages which has resulted in extensive cost savings.

“Calling the help desk has been amazing. The team has a rapid turnaround time, and they have a willingness to figure things out that may not have come up in the past.” 

- Brian Arrington, OSP Locate Supervisor, MCNC 



KorTerra Advantage: Locate Management and Productivity Management

Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, MetroNet provides fiber optic telecommunication services including high-speed fiber internet and fiber phone to both business and residential customers. MetroNet has a footprint in over 100 communities throughout Indiana, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Prior to implementation of KorTerra, the MetroNet team lacked a thorough understanding of the costs associated with damage prevention and locate management. Damage prevention was an expensive but necessary black hole of unknown quantities. The need for increased insights into claims and locate tracking, as well as increased visibility into third party work, was imperative. MetroNet sought a solution that would empower their team with actionable data that ensured they were operating both efficiently and cost effectively.


  • Quantifiable data allows MetroNet to easily provide documentation necessary to demonstrate tax credit and deduction eligibility, resulting in the ability to reinvest heavily into their business
  • Increased insights into ticket volume influxes, damage prevention cost structure, and workflows
  • Heightened understanding of third-party locator and excavator activities and track records
  • Scorecards used to grade internal teams vs. third parties objectively, no longer reliant upon data from outside sources

Win #1
14% increase in eligible tax deductions over 10 months through improved documentation

Win #2
3x increase of fiber installation vs. previous year

Win #3
10-20% reduction in costs from internal ticket screening

MetroNet’s significant increase in tax deductions and tax credit eligibility is a powerful result of implementing KorTerra Locate and Productivity Management. Leveraging KorTerra data to its full potential has allowed MetroNet to provide necessary proof points that demonstrate eligibility for credits and deductions. This has resulted in substantially greater reinvestment into the businesses and communities MetroNet serves. MetroNet has gained a deep understanding of data that empowers strategic business decisions to positively impact the bottom line.

“The same top notch customer service expectations that we have as a business are mirrored by the KorTerra teams. From the sales process to implementation, it was a fast and painless process.”

- Jason Poyser, Director of Locating, MetroNet