Telecommunications providers are tasked with maintaining a balanced approach to 811 ticket management and damage prevention that simultaneously ensures the stability of their services, the efficiency of their teams, and the protection of their most high-value assets in an increasingly competitive market. 

The reliability of services provided by telecommunications companies has never been more crucial than it is today. KorTerra empowers your team to capitalize on growth potential, optimize workflow efficiency, and maximize protection of underground facilities. 



  • Optimize productivity to capitalize on your growth potential
  • Drive cost savings by screening unnecessary on-site locates 
  • Reduce late locates with precise routing and communication tools
  • Utilize historical data to inform asset deployment decisions
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Asset Protection

  • Protect your underground facilities with a preemptive approach to high consequence dig sites
  • Reduce damages by providing real-time facility data to your field staff
  • Deploy the correct assets to perform specific facility or high consequence locates as they are received
  • Address complex, high profile locates in house as necessary
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  • Heighten awareness related to historically problematic excavators
  • Establish uniformity across your organizational footprint
  • Eliminate operational inefficiencies with detailed reporting and analytics
  • Increase insight into real-time field activity
  • Maximize transparency in all aspects of operations both current and historical
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How are leading telecommunications companies leveraging KorTerra?

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Locate Management

Streamline your approach to 811 ticket management while safeguarding your underground assets.

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Productivity Management

Put your teams in position to achieve maximum productivity and reduce costs by 20+%.

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Establish your business as a damage prevention leader

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Case Studies



KorTerra Advantage: Productivity Management and Locate Management

Windstream provides data networking, core transport, security, unified communications, and managed services to mid-market, enterprise, and wholesale customers throughout the United States and processes more than two million one call tickets annually. With services available in 40 states and delivered over multiple platforms including a nationwide IP network, proprietary cloud core architecture, and on a local and long-haul fiber network spanning approximately 169,000 miles, Windstream is an extensive operation with many moving parts to coordinate.

Providing a range of services across a broad territory, Windstream sought a ticket management system that would improve efficiency and generate cost savings throughout a sizable organization. Windstream has several ticket screening personnel on staff and needed to ensure that each was set up for success to maximize efficiency company-wide. Additionally, Windstream sought to expand reporting abilities to allow for more robust analytics and forecasting.  


  • Integrated facility mapping made it easier for locate coordinators to identify high-profile locates without having to compare two different screens or systems, and for locators to best prioritize their daily workload.       
  • Utility to contract locator interface allowed Windstream screeners to send tickets to their contract locators in the field with the push of a button. 
  • Enhanced screening capabilities created efficiency gains organization wide by allowing for a higher volume of tickets to be screened and unnecessary locates to be avoided.    
  • KorTerra reporting abilities provided Windstream with insight on user productivity, ticket volume per region, vendor on-time performance, ticket count per time period, types of locates, and more.

Win #1
$350,000+ saved per year with 75-100 tickets (average) per day auto cleared

Win #2
Several million dollars saved from 2M+ tickets screened yearly

Win #3
Increased cleared in-house percentages with integrated mapping that help screeners prioritize areas with higher potential clear rates

The implementation of KorTerra has streamlined processes throughout each region within Windstream’s organization. Windstream screens and clears a higher number of tickets more effectively than ever before and has generated notable cost savings as a result. Screening personnel are equipped with tools that allow for quicker, more accurate, and more straightforward decision making. Windstream has also benefitted from cohesive record keeping and processes as well as expanded reporting capabilities.

“Our processes have changed a great deal since implementation; leveraging KorTerra products and certain enhancements has resulted in a very impressive YTD team average of 80 tickets screened per hour.”

- Craig Hilgenberg, Damage Prevention Supervisor, Windstream