For utilities, ensuring efficiency and accuracy while keeping workers and communities safe is paramount. Your team is managing high-profile locate requests surrounding high-cost assets and there is little room for error. Whether managing 811 locates internally or leveraging a third party, KorTerra empowers you to understand and prioritize resources to maximize productivity, better manage costs, and reduce infrastructure risk.



  • Create efficiency in your locate practices with precise routing and communication to your field teams
  • Maximize workflows to minimize costs associated with locator dispatch
  • Save time and money by reducing unnecessary on-site locates where your utilities are not at risk
  • Streamline workflows, increase capabilities, and ultimately maximize overall efficiency with the innovative and user-friendly KorTerra Field app
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Asset Protection

  • Increase onsite locate efficiency by leveraging dynamic mapping data 
  • Reduce incidents with risk insights that better inform your teams on when they need to intervene
  • Achieve regulatory compliance with positive response and public awareness tools
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  • Identify and address inefficiencies with greater insight into operational productivity
  • Achieve organizational and performance consistency across your service areas
  • Strengthen your audit trail by capturing comprehensive visual locate evidence of work performed
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How are leading utility organizations using KorTerra to efficiently and safely manage their 811 locate requests?  

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Locate Management

Locate Management offers a cutting-edge solution to optimize locator effectiveness through automating critical workflows related to one call tickets. By efficiently dispersing tickets and providing real-time visibility into facility details, the system ensures accurate and timely locates, reducing response times and minimizing project delays. This streamlined approach empowers your team to make well-informed decisions swiftly, proactively address potential conflicts, and deliver high-quality services, leading to enhanced productivity and efficiency. Embracing our advanced Locate Management solution, enriched by data analytics, unlocks the full potential of your workforce and positions your organization at the forefront of damage prevention and operational excellence.

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Productivity Management

At KorTerra, we offer comprehensive Productivity Management solutions to optimize organizational output and automate manual processes. Our cutting-edge tools and strategies streamline operations, eliminate inefficiencies, and maximize overall output. With advanced automation, we free up valuable time, reduce errors, and empower your workforce to focus on strategic tasks. Our scalable and adaptable approach, combined with real-time analytics, ensures tailored solutions that boost productivity across your organization. The infusion of data analytics empowers us to provide insights that go beyond streamlining processes; they unveil opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation. Invest in Korterra's Productivity Management and unleash the true potential of your workforce while driving efficiency and profitability.

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Risk Management

Embracing a holistic strategy towards risk management, KorTerra stands as the preferred ally for prominent players in the below-ground utilities industry. Our dedication lies in providing the right tools for risk mitigation, enhanced safety measures, and ensured adherence to regulatory protocols. Spearheading the usage of data analytics for damage prevention further advances our product. Through the ever-evolving technologies, and the easy-to-use KorTerra Field App, we equip our customers to navigate the important terrain of risk management with confidence.

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Take control of your operations and unlock the power of KorTerra's industry-leading technology.

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Case Studies


Connexus Energy

KorTerra Advantage: Productivity Management and Locate Management

Located in Ramsey, Minnesota, Connexus Energy is Minnesota’s largest electric cooperative serving more than 130,000 customers across seven counties. Connexus Energy processes upwards of 50,000 One Call tickets each year with two internal locators in the field daily and a group of five to six additional contract locators during the peak season.

Prior to their transition to KorTerra, each one call ticket received by Connexus was sent to the field. They were not screening tickets which led to locates being performed in areas where the utility did not have any electric facilities. Connexus wanted to implement a ticket screening process to ensure the most efficient use of their locators’ time throughout an expansive territory.  


  • Ticket Screening gave Connexus the ability to screen overhead electric lines as well as areas where no electric facilities are present.    
  • Integrated Facility Mapping enabled locators to view all ticket information and all of Connexus’ facilities on a single screen within a single system, increasing both accuracy and efficiency.    
  • Two-Way Contractor Interface provided administrators with complete visibility into all locates being completed by contract locators.
  • Internal and External Remark fields within KorTerra allowed instant insight into locators’ notes and as a result, the ability to field customer and excavator questions quickly and effectively. 

Win #1
$26,000+ saved by implementing KorTerra with integrated maps

Win #2
Extensive time and money saved from screening of unnecessary locates 

Win #3
Readily available and comprehensive insight into both internal and contract locator tickets

Since the implementation of KorTerra, Connexus has experienced enhanced communication internally as well as with contract locators and customers. This heightened communication contributes to both increased efficiency and cost savings. Since implementing KorTerra with integrated maps, Connexus eliminated the need for locators to review tickets in two separate systems and experienced $26,000+ in cost savings. Locators can view and manage their work in real-time and ticket management within Connexus is more streamlined.

“This is the only software we use that I would fight tooth and nail not to lose. Thanks to KorTerra, we have complete confidence that all our tickets are being handled and handled on time. In an industry where you only have 48 hours to respond, you can’t afford any down time.”

- Kristin Whitwam, Group Leader, Field Operations Support


Kingbrook Rural Water

KorTerra Advantage: Locate Management

Kingbrook Rural Water serves over 5,300 customers throughout 11 counties spanning South Dakota, Kingbrook Rural Water owns and operates nearly 3,000 miles of water pipeline.

Kingbrook Rural Water’s leadership and field personnel had limited insight into the total number of tickets received and managed monthly. Administrators emailed all tickets and used a service area map to manually assign them to locators. Amidst an environment where they were seeing a 44% increase in ticket volume due to rural fiber projects happening near their assets, the team at Kingbrook Rural Water needed to implement a locate management solution that provided a significant increase in automation so that they didn’t have to add additional staff. Kingbrook Rural Water worked with KorTerra to alleviate these organizational challenges.


  • Elevated reporting capabilities and increased workflow insights.
  • Increased clarity into buffer zones surrounding facility lines.
  • Streamlined operations and processes in the field and the office.
  • Automation tools allowing for elimination of manual administrative tasks.

Win #1
30% reduction in truck rolls costing $364/roll on average and 200+ unnecessary field visits avoided monthly

Win #2
Eliminated the need to hire three additional locators

Win #3
400+ hours of administrative time saved annually

After originally believing they might need to add 3 new locators to support a 44% increase in ticket volume, KorTerra empowered Kingbrook Rural Water to support this increase without needing to add additional staff. By leveraging KorTerra’s facility mapping data that enabled the effective screening of tickets where their assets were not at risk, the team was able to save 50 truck rolls per week on average. Considering that each truck roll costs $450 on average, this was a huge financial savings for their organization. Beyond this, the back-office team was able to save 400+ hours of administrative time which had historically been spent on processes such as printing, dispersing, and having to dig through files for legacy ticket information. The ability to understand and analyze their data in real time has been the catalyst for increased efficiencies. The Kingbrook Rural Water team is empowered to maximize the timeliness and accuracy of its locate management processes while simultaneously minimizing the risk of damages and the negative implications of those damages to their customers.

"I've always been a firm believer that if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. The automation and reporting capabilities we’ve gained since implementation have already provided tremendous value to our organization."

-General Manager, Kingbrook Rural Water