Risk Management

You protect some of North America’s most critical infrastructure. With incredibly high stakes, you need to safeguard your field staff, high-value assets, and the public. Does your organization have the right capabilities to put your team in the best position to meet the comprehensive risk, safety, and compliance needs that your business leaders require?

KorTerra was founded on the need to reduce risk and prevent damages to underground infrastructure, and as best practices in risk management have grown, our offerings have evolved to meet those needs.



  • Reduce incidents by leveraging risk insights that alert you when preemptive action can help reduce the likelihood of a damage  

  • Mobilize and alert field teams of risk factors in real time 

  • Maintain regulatory compliance with tools designed to ensure safety and protection of assets

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  • Streamline incident data collection and manage and analyze cases with workflows that have been established by industry leaders
  • Increase your locate ticket integrity and reduce organizational liability by capturing visual evidence in the field that is linked directly to your tickets
  • Leverage data intelligence to maximize the use of your operational personnel to support damage prevention objectives
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  • Ensure field locates and processes are completed in accordance with federal and state requirements

  • Meet and manage project and public awareness requirements with tools that track interactions

  • Safeguard a single source of truth and record all activities in the field for local and federal audits

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Oil and Gas


Enable Midstream Partners has experienced the full benefits of established uniformity and streamlined processes throughout their organization.

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Contract Locator


As a result of using KorTerra for ticket management, Magnolia Brothers experienced full visibility throughout the organization.

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Connexus Energy has experienced enhanced communication internally as well as with contract locators and customers.

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The implementation of KorTerra has streamlined processes throughout each region within Windstream’s organization.

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The Village of South Elgin has greatly increased efficiency and productivity for both locators and administrators by implementing KorTerra.

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