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The damage prevention stakes are especially high for oil and gas companies. When protecting North America’s most critical infrastructure, leveraging the right tools and best practices is crucial. Whether it’s production, transmission, or delivery, the safety and protection of your assets, infrastructure, field staff, and the public are a primary focus. 

KorTerra empowers oil and gas organizations to comprehensively address their needs for risk mitigation, locate management, and regulatory compliance, while ensuring operational efficiency of their staff. Our extensive history providing solutions for the oil and gas industry has resulted in an innate understanding of what you need to succeed relative to damage prevention.



  • Reduce risk and organizational costs associated with damages to underground facilities

  • Prioritize the right tickets and avoid injuries by taking preemptive action at the right time on high risk locates

  • Meet regulatory requirements with tools designed to ensure compliance

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  • Strengthen your audit trail by capturing comprehensive visual locate evidence

  • Track and manage communications with excavators to confirm the locate status prior to excavating

  • Know when to intervene if risky excavators are on site

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  • Stay on schedule and reduce late locates with tools that strengthen productivity

  • Establish uniformity across your organization’s geographic footprint to ensure best practices are maintained

  • Maximize profitability and reduce overall costs by addressing operational inefficiencies identified through enhanced data analysis

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What are the leading oil and gas companies using to reduce incidents and maximize the effectiveness of their damage prevention teams?


Risk Management

KorTerra’s approach to risk management enables the industry’s leading oil and gas companies to reduce risk, ensure safety, and meet regulatory compliance needs.

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Productivity Management

Maximize the productivity of your staff by establishing a fully automated set of workflows that ensures consistency and efficiency in the field.

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Locate Management

Ensure your organization has a streamlined workflow and visibility into facility details to assure accurate, on time locates.

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Our core principle is to help you protect your most valuable assets

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Case Studies


Enable Midstream Partners

KorTerra Advantage: Locate Management, Risk Management, and Productivity Management

Enable Midstream Partners (Enable) was formed as a joint venture by affiliates of CenterPoint Energy, OGE Energy Corp, and ArcLight Capital Partners. Enable owns, operates, and develops strategically located natural gas and crude oil infrastructure assets serving major producing basins and markets. Enable personnel manage and operate a combined 14,000 miles of gathering pipeline, 10,100 miles of interstate and intrastate pipeline, and 84.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas storage capacity.

Combining an extensive number of assets across several states proved to be an intricate process. One of the greatest challenges was ensuring all members throughout 11 states were on the same page for recording and auditing purposes and procedures. The expansive nature of Enable’s resources presented a need for consistency and streamlined processes.  


  • Enable’s KorTerra account is customized to fulfill the needs of each region they operate within.    
  • Tickets from varying states, that differed in format and required data, were made uniform in KorTerra. This improved the overall readability, allowing dispatchers and locators to quickly assess tickets from any state in one universal format.  
  • Automated Positive Response to both call center and excavators safeguarded compliance and strengthens Enable’s audit trail.
  • Enable’s tailored Public Awareness tool allowed locators to document public interaction regarding educating the public about the importance of calling 811 before digging. Sorting and searching capabilities within the feature helped Enable trace, report, and export public awareness efforts. As a result, Enable is could quickly and easily demonstrate compliance.

Win #1
Cohesive processes and procedures throughout 11 states

Win #2
Quick recording and exporting of public awareness efforts

Win #3
Elevated reporting capabilities and a strengthened audit

As a result of their implementation of KorTerra, Enable Midstream Partners has experienced the full benefits of established uniformity and streamlined processes throughout their organization. The flexibility of KorTerra allows for separate regions of Enable Midstream Partners to be configured specifically to fulfill the needs of each, while continually ensuring that all members of the organization are operating in unity.

“KorTerra’s software fulfills the varied needs of our distinct regions because it is so customizable and configurable. Both the KorTerra mobile app and desktop version are approachable and well-thought-out, and I can’t say enough about KorTerra’s customer support.”

- Cecilia Stewart, Damage Prevention Program Manager, Enable Midstream Partners



KorTerra Advantage: Locate Management, Risk Management, and Productivity Management 

BHE GT&S is an interstate natural gas transmission and storage company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. An industry leader in liquefied natural gas solutions, BHE GT&S operates more than 5,500 miles of transmission line and 756 Bcf of underground storage capacity throughout the eastern United States. 


As an owner operator of high-pressure natural gas facilities throughout an expansive territory, damage prevention is crucial. BHE GT&S regularly performs aerial patrol of all owned facilities to strengthen damage prevention efforts. They sought a locate management solution that provided centralized visibility into this data as well as their public awareness communications. The need for aerial patrol ticket, audit support, and flight report integration required a unique and comprehensive approach. 


  • Single database for all aerial support tickets, flight reports, and ground locate records created a single source of truth for damage prevention across a multi-state organization 
  • Detailed mapping enables effective ticket screening and identification of high traffic areas 
  • Centralized database for public awareness efforts and ensuring compliance
  • Efficiency gains resulting from automated routing of tickets 

Win #1
0 pipeline damages in 2020

Win #2
Centralized database for locate, aerial patrol, and public awareness records 

Win #3
Maximized effectiveness of public awareness program with over 125k mail pieces generated


BHE GT&S has leveraged KorTerra to centralize all damage prevention efforts within a single database for flight reports, aerial patrol and ground locate tickets, and public outreach efforts. This has increased the efficiency of their teams and the actionability of their damage prevention data. Higher traffic areas are quickly identified and monitored accordingly. Public outreach efforts have been simplified with all stakeholder contact information accessible in one database, making the process of mailing 125,000-135,000 educational mailings possible and efficient. With KorTerra, BHE GT&S has strengthened and streamlined recordkeeping and effectively safeguarded facilities, while ensuring compliance. 

"KorTerra has been instrumental in helping us to streamline processes and create efficiencies. Having all of our data stored in one reliable system has been incredibly beneficial." 

- Rich Swiger, Senior Public Awareness Coordinator, BHE GT&S


Magellan Midstream Partners

KorTerra Advantage: Locate Management, Risk Management, and Productivity Management

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Magellan Midstream Partners is a publicly traded partnership that primarily transports, stores, and distributes refined petroleum products and crude oil. Magellan owns and operates a 9,800-mile refined products pipeline system and 2,200 miles of crude oil pipelines and storage facilities.


As a high-value operation with a substantial territory throughout the United States, Magellan stakeholders have a wide range of responsibilities and data points to monitor. Prior to implementation of KorTerra, Magellan utilized a homegrown system, but fulfilling IT needs to support that system was no longer feasible with a single internal team member. The organization set out to replace their in-house system with a more progressive, streamlined approach to locate management and damage prevention.


  • Comprehensive facility mapping to support teams in clearing tickets and preventing damages
  • Aerial patrol tickets track results and record data providing a strengthened audit trail
  • No longer dependent upon internal network for access to locate management system

Win #1
100,000+ tickets screened annually resulting in significant labor savings

Win #2
Greater than 85% reduction in administrative staffing needs

Win #3
1 mapping source ensures Magellan personnel in every region are operating from a single source of truth


Since implementing KorTerra, Magellan clears approximately 50% of total tickets received and locators clear an additional 25% of tickets sent to the field for an overall cleared rate of 75%. Increased automation of processes and screened tickets have resulted in significant efficiency gains. Detailed facility mapping empowers locators and dispatchers to effectively screen and prevent damages. Processes and procedures throughout each of Magellan’s regions are streamlined and cohesive. In the event of technical difficulties or loss of network connectivity, Magellan has the full support of KorTerra’s Customer Experience team. 

"I don't know how we would have survived our jobs throughout COVID without KorTerra. The Customer Experience team is very knowledgeable and responsive; having a team to support our operation is one of the best things about KorTerra vs. our old system."

- Dyan Gillean, Damage Prevention and One Call Supervisor