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KorTerra damage prevention software suite

Contractor InterfaceUtility to Contractor Interface

Establish control of your ticket flow from One Call Center (OCC) to your contract locators and maintain full visibility of your workflow. Our Utility to Contractor Interface pulls tickets into KorWeb first, letting you screen the data before sending it to a contractor. You also keep a record of tickets, all of which you can access at any time. You can run reports and reconcile all the tickets your contractors have completed.

With full control, you save money by catching tickets that don’t need to be located and eliminate those ticket retransmits from OCC. Conversely, you can also establish criteria to automatically forward your tickets from OCC.

When your contractor completes the ticket, KorWeb receives the information and automatically sends a Positive Response back to OCC. This system easily integrates with third-party software, so your contract locator can use it with any software he or she already has. You collect a full-circle record of your contractor’s completed tickets, allowing you to audit completion information for all of your contract locators.


  • Automatically forward tickets to your contract locator based on criteria you choose
  • Screen tickets prior to forwarding them to your contract locator
  • Automatically receive completion information back from your contract locator
  • All ticket data is stored in your KorWeb database
  • Search and report on your ticket data including contractor locator completions
  • Maintain a full circle record of ticket history


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