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Check Out the Latest Version of the KorWeb Mobile Suite!

By Tom Hall

The KorWeb App is a powerful mobile application available for download on your mobile device.  The App streamlines ticket processing, allowing you to complete your work on a mobile device in the field.  View all of your tickets on a map and prioritize your daily work based on geographical location.  Other features the latest version of the app offers you include:

  • Map Layers – choose from Street, Terrain, or Satellite base maps
  • Facility Maps – view how a ticket relates to your organizations facility footprint
  • Zoom Tools – zoom to a specific address or lat/long point
  • Measuring Tool – Measure distances between points of interest
  • Dig boxes – view the dig box provided by the one call center
  • Attachments – add pictures/videos/doc’s and marry them to your ticket
  • Driving Directions – get driving directions to your next locate
  • “Find Me” – see where you are in real-time on the map display
  • Perpetuating Connectivity – work your tickets regardless of cell coverage
  • zSite™ Technology – send a UAV (drone) to add aerial photography to your locates

Equip your field personnel with the latest technology in the palm of their hand! The iOS version for iPhone/iPad is available today; an Android version is coming later this year. For more information, contact KorTerra at (952) 368-1911 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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