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Key Metrics Every Damage Prevention Professional Should Track for Growth and Success 

Successful damage prevention means staying ahead of the curve with technology and going beyond standard diligent work in the field. Tracking specific data metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help to drive growth and make strategic decisions.

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Webinar: Digging Deeper into Your Data

KorTerra’s recent webinar, Digging Deeper into Your Data, focused on the unveiling of two groundbreaking damage prevention tools, KorTerra Business Insights and Secure Analytics Engine. This exclusive online seminar brought together a diverse audience of professionals eager to explore the immense potential hidden within their 811-ticket data. KorTerra Business Insights…

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Unleashing the Power of Data: A Beginner’s Guide to Data Analytics in Damage Prevention

Data analytics dashboard

Amidst a world of increasing regulatory scrutiny, higher workloads, and growing costs, Damage Prevention teams are quickly learning the importance of data analytics. As monies associated with the 2021 Infrastructure Bill start to hit communities around North America, 811 ticket requests volumes continue to rise. Many damage prevention teams are limited in the ease of access they have to data.

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A Damage Prevention View of the Infrastructure Bill: Are you leveraging the right technologies to maximize your efficiency?

Ticket volumes have been steadily increasing and there are no indications of a slowdown, especially with additional investment stimulated by the recent Infrastructure Bill. However, organizations are faced with constant constraints in terms of budgets and resourcing, making it crucial to rely on tools that support damage prevention efforts to ensure the maximum efficiency of their workforce.

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