Webinar: Digging Deeper into Your Data

KorTerra’s recent webinar, Digging Deeper into Your Data, focused on the unveiling of two groundbreaking damage prevention tools, KorTerra Business Insights and Secure Analytics Engine. This exclusive online seminar brought together a diverse audience of professionals eager to explore the immense potential hidden within their 811-ticket data.

KorTerra Business Insights and Secure Analytics Engine were spotlighted as cutting-edge solutions designed to enable businesses to streamline their operations, optimize resource allocation, make data-driven decisions, and gain insights that were previously unattainable. Attendees were given a comprehensive overview of how these platforms could empower them to extract actionable intelligence from their 811-ticket data, providing a competitive edge, fostering efficiency, and enabling deep data exploration.

Our webinar not only introduced attendees to the innovative Business Insights and Secure Analytics Engine, but also underscored the transformative potential of 811 ticket data. By attending, participants unlocked the key to unlocking valuable insights, streamlining their operations, and staying ahead in their respective industries.

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About KorTerra, Inc.

KorTerra is the leading provider of damage prevention software, protecting billions of dollars in underground infrastructure. For over 30 years, the leading stakeholders in gas distribution, pipeline operation, telecommunications, electric distribution, contract locating, and city, county, and state governments have trusted KorTerra as their damage prevention solution. KorTerra helps mitigate risk and ensure the safety of field personnel by providing secure software platforms for processing 811 locate tickets, tracking and reporting asset damages, meeting regulatory compliance, and more. Explore additional solutions at korterra.com and follow KorTerra on LinkedIn.

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Paige Nygaard – KorTerra, Inc.